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Making Sweater Balls

10/10/2019 By Taina Laraba

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This time of year, early October - I love to start thinking about WARMTH! Looking at the sweaters I have and maybe purchasing a few more for this year, as well as my stash of jeans.

I do have to admit here, that I don't mind when there's a sweater I no longer want because it's either being donated, or I'll get crafting with them.

I'm sure you've seen Christmas ornaments made like this, but have you ever thought about just having SWEATER BALLS, or how I like to call them SWEATER ORBS? I just got this idea and wanted to share it with you. It's essentially the same way you'd make Christmas ornaments, without the hangars.

So let's get started...


Step 1. Push Styrofoam ball into sweater sleeve.

Step 2. Cut off at both ends, leaving a little excess

Step 3. Thread some embroidery floss through a wide eye needle.

Step 4. Turn sweater inside out and thread the embroidery floss around the outside of the sleeve.

Step 5. Then pull the thread tight and tie a knot.

Don’t take the Styrofoam ball out of the plastic covering otherwise you will end up with all those white Styrofoam pieces on your sweater.

Step 6. Trim away the excess sweater material.

Step 7. Turn right side out and put Styrofoam ball inside. Pull tight.

Step 8. Take embroidery floss and needle and sew other end in the same fashion (stitching around outside of sleeve).

Step 9. Pull thread and trim excess. But not too tight. First tuck the unfinished edges inside.

Cut the end of the embroidery floss and tie into a knot, tuck into the stitched area.

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