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Making Sweater Poof Ottoman

January 10, 2018 By Taina Laraba

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For me, I just can't get enough sweaters this time of year. I'm very hot blooded, so I tend to get thinner sweaters that I can wear over a blouse if I choose. However, come January and February, I like the thick comfy sweaters that I can wear just by themselves on most days.

Another thing I love about sweaters is coming through all of them at the thrift store, for me and for projects. And with this said, I have the perfect project using a thrifted sweater in the color of your choice.

So how do you feel about having one of these in your home?

Unfortunately you are limited to the size of it depending on the size of the sweater you get. You definitely want to focus on XL or 2X sweaters to get a good size ottoman.

Step 1. I started by turning it inside out and cutting close to the original seam. But because I wanted this to be round, of course, I cut at a rounded angle starting near the collar.

I did this on both sides and then, when I turned it inside out, it looked like this…

Remember this is the bottom…so it really doesn’t have to be perfect.

Step 2. I flipped it inside out again, and sewed it a little more rounded when I saw the sharp ends to the seams on the sides.

Step 3. I did the top with crochet thread and highly recommend this or something similar instead.

Step 4. I tied a very secure, tight knot and then weaved in and out in small increments all the way around. Then, gently but firmly, pulled it as closed as I could.

Step 5. Then finished it with another very secure knot after going in and out a few more times at the finished spot with the needle and thread).

I trimmed the thread and flipped it around, at which point it should look something like this…

Now the bottom was done!

Step 6. Next, I moved on to the insert. I decided to create a separate insert using polyester fiberfill, that would be put inside of the sweater. To do this, I cut two large circles in a matching color cotton fabric. This part is tricky, because the size you need depends on the size of the sweater you are using and how big you want it to be. I ended up having a diameter of about 28″ to give you a rough estimate.

Step 7. I put the two pieces together and sewed all the way around, with a generous seam allowance, leaving about 8″ open to put the stuffing inside.


Someone was getting excited about it already…

I really had no idea how much stuffing the pouf would take, so I bought a large 5lb. box of Soft n’ Crafty fiberfill at Jo-Ann’s. I think I probably only used about 1/4 of it (if that)…so you could get away with buying a smaller amount.

Step 8. We just stuffed and stuffed and stuffed until it was completely full and then stuffed a little more. To keep it from being lumpy, I was reaching in and adjusting it until it seemed fairly round and smooth.

It wasn’t perfect, but the best part about this pouf is that it can be readjusted easily just by shaping it on the outside. Once it starts to get a little flatter (as ours has) I just fluff it up by pushing it in on the sides.

Step 9. Once there is enough stuffing inside to your liking, you have to hand stitch the opening shut.

Step 10. Next, I put the insert inside of the sweater. Here is what the bottom looked like…it was a perfect fit! Phew.

Step 11. To finish it (well at least as much as I have), I flipped it over, and used the crochet thread and a large needle to sew up the top in the same manner as the bottom. I had my husband help me with pulling it tight and tying it up since it was a bit harder with the insert inside. And voila! Done. Well…sort of.

The hole on the top is bigger than I would like to really consider it a “finished” project, but I can’t figure out how to finish it off. My kids want to sit on it (and jump on it), so I don’t want to use anything that is hard or that will snag on their clothes (like a large button or something like that). If you have any suggestions for what you would do I would love to hear them! Or would you just call it done? She does…

I'm super anxious to begin this project and sure that all my kitties will enjoy it as well.

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