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Making Topiary's

Friday 11/9/2018

An art that's been around for centuries and still a prominent staple in many homes. Whether purchased or made, these are something that will never go out of style.

Whether multiple orbs, a single orb or a plant that appears to have been pruned, there the perfect way of adding greenery to any space - without the hassles of watering them.

If making your own with store bought orbs, simply place a block of styrofoam in your container, place either a dowel or natural branch through the orbs and then into the styrofoam in the container.

If making a topiary with just one orb sitting on a container, still place a piece of styrofoam in the container, then hot glue the one orb on top of it.

Whether you find a plant that's already been pruned, or you buy a plant that you love and do it yourself, these are gorgeous topiary's because of their fullness.

You'd be amazed at how quickly you can take a live plant like ivy and begin forming your own topiary. Just plant the ivy, then place something to train it on like a miniature wreath form and watch it take form.

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