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Making Yarn Pom Poms

Friday 11/2/2018

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I cut my one piece of cardboard into 2, so that I could easily make varying sizes of pom-poms without having to cut away and waste too much yarn. Cut a thin rectangle from the short side of your two cardboard pieces.

Wrap your yarn around your fancy new pom-pom maker. You can play around with the thickness of this step. I think the wreaths look best with some variation, so no need for perfectly consistent pom-poms here.

Cut a piece of yarn (8-12 inches) and tie it around the center of your wrapping, leaving the longer pieces hanging for later tying to your wreath.

Slide your scissors under each side of yarn, and cut through. Before removing it from the cardboard, I wrapped another short piece of yarn around the center, and knotted it tightly (since the loops are free now they won’t restrict a secure tying). Slide your pom-pom off the cardboard and fluff it up.

Once they’re off the cardboard you can trim the yarn, creating more dense pom-poms while leaving others looking a little more wild.

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