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Making Your Own Cloth Napkins

with Free Thanksgiving Day


10/8/2019 By Taina Laraba

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Do you love cloth napkins with some sort of decoration on them as much as I do?

Well...I'm really hoping you do because this is what we're going to be making today. I was thinking with Thanksgiving being right around the corner, maybe we could make some that would be perfect for your dining table once this rolls around.

I was at Hobby Lobby today looking at all the fall decor and just so happened to stumble upon table runners and tea towels that were made just like this. So we know we're on the right track here!

Let's get started!

Materials you'll need

  1. Computer and printer
  2. Citrasolv and a small cup to put a small amount in – a little goes a long way.
  3. Tape measure to make sure design is centered where you want it.
  4. A clean brush to apply the citrasolv.
  5. Stack of newspaper to put under your fabric, the surface needs to be firm. 
  6. And you need a soup spoon for burnishing the design after you brush the solvent on.
  7. Rubber gloves
  8. Cotton napkins

Step 1. Fold your napkin like seen in the photo above. Now you know the area size for your photo.

Step 1. Find an image amongst the million out there, size it to the area size on your napkin and print it, make sure you use the mirror image function if your using wording. Next take it to your local photocopy place, and have a toner based copy made.

I've included some for you below!

Step 2. Iron your fabric to get the wrinkles out before you start.

Step 3. Position your copy face down on your cotton napkin and then tape or pin your image into place.

Step 4. Lay some newspaper onto your work surface (use a fairly thick stack of newspaper, you want to be able to have a little give under your fabric) and put your fabric on top of the newspaper. Put on your rubber gloves (The bottle says to protect your skin) and pour some Citra-solv into your glass jar. (Careful, it will come out quickly!) Then use your paintbrush to lightly apply the Citra-Solv. You want to get the paper wet, but don’t over soak it, or your print will bleed. (you may want to open a window, as there are fumes involved. They are pleasant, but strong. The bottle does not say they are harmful but, still… use caution!)

Step 5. Use the back of your spoon to burnish the design. Make sure you burnish the whole design, it doesn’t take super long, maybe 2-4 minutes to get a good burnish. Oh and
don’t peek!! if you peek you will not be able to get everything lined back up exactly, and you will have a big blur! Better to practice on some scrap fabric first to get the hang of it, then to peek! As soon as your done burnishing you can take the paper off and then wait for your fabric to dry.

Step 6. After your image is dry, lay the old towel down on your ironing board (so you don’t get citra-solv smell on it) and then iron the image to release the trapped citra-solv.

These images are 8 1/2" x 11" which is perfect to fit on the fold of your napkin.

I really do hope that you find time to make some of these gorgeous napkins for your dining table this year and to enjoy for many other Thanksgiving meals in the future!

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