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METALLICS DIY'S French Country Christmas

Thursday 11/15/2018

Do you love little projects around Christmas as much as me? I found these beautiful metallic decor pieces that you can so simply make yourself and wanted to share them with all of you.

I love the look of these packages. Simple metallic and white paper with gold and silver ornaments, black ribbon, black and white feathers. You can do this!!!

Another super easy project for you. Purchase a deer head from Hobby Lobby for $18.00 and some white and gold acrylic paint - than simply paint your deer head.

I just knew a thrift store item would pop up. Lamps are in abundance at your local thrift stores. Just pick up a few in shapes that you love and spray paint them in gold.

Again, simply pickup a few of these gorgeous ceramic trees and spray paint them in metallic colors of your choice.

I love these painted feathers. Your thinking that you love them too, but wondering what you'd do with them. Simply put them in one of your favorite bowls, place on the ends of the branches on your Christmas tree. Simply buy a bag of white feathers, a glue stick and silver glitter. Apply glue to the tips of the feathers, then sprinkle with glitter. Voila - your done.

Simply pickup a few Nutcracker wooden soldiers at your local Dollar Tree and spray paint in gold and silver. Gorgeous metallic Christmas decor.

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