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METALLICS French Country Christmas

Thursday 11/15/2018

Far Left - It's a Blush and Copper Christmas. Look at how gorgeous this color scheme is with white. It's not just kept to the Christmas tree, but used throughout this space with the chandelier, decorative pillows and copper pieces on the bookshelves in the back. The side tables appear to be a brushed gold metal. The tone of the wood is so beautiful with this color scheme - just perfect. Right - Oh my gosh, look at the packages done in the pinkish blush and silver and kept ever so simple - gorgeous.

Far left - Talk about a huge living room. I prefer smaller and more cozy living rooms, but that's ok because I love the blush and silver on these Christmas trees. Middle - Notice all of the metal used in this space. The silver metal coffee table with two brush gold benches in front. The black metal chair in the front. The gorgeous gold book shelves in the back. The huge mirror over the fireplace with matte gold. It just goes on and on and seems almost effortless. Simply said, a gorgeous space. Right - I'm just speechless - I know - me speechless? But yes, this is absolutely stunning. The heavily flocked branches are to die for. The blush and silver ornaments off set by all of it with aged white ornaments peaking through in areas.

Far left - I just had to include this photo with the blush and silver trees, Mom and Baby - so precious. Middle - For anyone lucky enough to have a fireplace mantel - this one is for you. Kept so simple - yet so elegant. A few brush trees with gorgeous wrapped packages (even if just for decor) ad the pristine dancing deer. A super simple pine swag with pinecones is used underneath the mantel. Such a stunning architectural piece in this space. Right - This photo really sparked my interest. A not so unfamiliar look for an older house - look at the ceiling and really embellished with all of the Christmas decor. This home is so elegantly called the Turquoise Home.

Far left - Gorgeous done with nothing over the top. Just simple bowls and lanterns with turquoise and silver christmas ornaments. Then finished with the beautiful white, turquoise and silver pillow underneath. Middle - I never thought that I would like a white Christmas tree, but I love this one done with the turquoise and silver. Especially at night when lit, the contrast is so dramatic between the white and turquoise. Right - One of the most gorgeous decorated trays that I've ever seen. Beautifully done in silver and gold, even the beverage appears to be gold. Just perfectly done. This is a definite well thought out Christmas nook because I'm assuming that the tray is on a side table.

Far left - A Metallic Christmas means carrying it throughout the house, even into the dining room. I believe the drama on this table is in the placemats and the money spent is with the dinnerware. Everything else is so simple - the gold rimmed glasses, the silverware (how do we know that it's not plastic) and the gold glass Christmas trees, gold votive holders and gold pine. So go create a gorgeous table like this for yourself and your family. Middle - It's just a chair with a few pillows, but look at how gorgeous it is. Gold sequined pillows with silver and brown one's. It doesn't get any more simple than this. Right - Silver and gold so softly done here with the main color being chartreuse.

Silver and gold done with grey instead. How gorgeous is this bedroom and the chandelier is to die for.

Far left - Just beautiful white vintage ornaments. Good enough reason to visit your local Antique shops. Middle - Metallics used with a Shabby Chic feel. These packages look like they've been wrapped with wall paper with a simple strip of pink floral fabric. You could so simply do this as well. Right - gorgeous handmade fabric orbs in beige linen.

Far left - What...? Your not going to get any easier in decorating with metallics for your kitchen. Right - Rather than silver, aged grey pieces are used and their stunning against all this white. A different look for decorating with metallics. I love it.

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