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Metallics In Winter

Tuesday 11/27/2018

Winter doesn't mean that you can't have any glitz - in fact, we want a lot of glitz to warm those days. Just think about walking into a room with pieces loaded with glitter, or a gorgeous gold tray with white decorative items - white ornaments, snowflakes, snowballs.

Always starting at your front door. Just simply add silver or gold faux florals to your greenery.

Add subtle hints of metallics like in a simple bowl filled with ornaments. If you have a gorgeous metallic tray - wonderful, but it's not necessary.

Allow your spaces to still be bright and open with a lot of neutral colors, that are even more spectacular with metallics. Look at the silver ornaments in the wicker basket in the middle photo.

Seeing this gorgeous large star on the wall in the photo to the left inspired me to make some.

Look at how simple these are to make. Using a foil oven pan, cut the edges off of it so you have a flat piece. Print a star that you like from your computer and trace onto the foil and cut out. Then score the foil like shown in the photo with the ruler. Then simply fold it where you've scored it. You'll now have what looks like the green star on the right.

I know you've heard of mercury glass and this is the time of year especially that you want to bring it into your home. Buy pieces at varying height to create an interesting vignette.

One of the simplest ways of bringing winter indoors is in using "bottle brush" trees. There just so beautiful and available at different heights. There not just meant to be either green or white, but any metallic color that you want. Just simply give them a light coat of your favorite metallic spray paint. Don't forget about that cardboard lid to place them on to spray paint outdoors.

If you love using different metallics, then why not paint a few mason jars to use throughout your home.

Let's not forget about the beauty of using just simple white for decor. I love this piece of decor because it's so simple, yet so beautiful. Look how easy it is to make.

I love and die for inexpensive gorgeous home decor and these are perfect examples of this.

Purchase a bunch of natural chargers in different sizes and spray paint them in various metallic colors, or maybe you just like gold. Then use tiny little nails to hang.

Go for a walk in the woods and gather a bunch of tree branches, bring them home and spray paint them in either gold or silver. Once dry, lay out the way you like and weave craft wire through the branches back and forth several times to keep them the way you'd like.

Everything Christmas has already begin being on sale, pretty soon everything will be 70% off and this is the time to load up on all the gorgeous metallic florals.

My love for Ikea remains prevalent here in all this gorgeous metallic home decor for not a lot of money. Treat yourself to some for the long winter ahead of us. Like the gorgeous gold floor lamp to place next to your favorite chair where you like to read.

Why is it that copper is a metallic that often get's overlooked? It's such a gorgeous metal and is beautiful with silver or gold. I absolutely love this mug. This candle holder is something that I found that is quite simple to do.

Just play around with the copper pieces at your local hardware store and come up with a design for your candelabra. The straight pieces are pretty obvious, but when creating something that ties these together, simply use the joiners shown. Everything just clicks together. If you need to cut a piece, simply use a hand saw.

How gorgeous are these silver candle stick holders repurposed to use for these topiary balls - so creative and so gorgeous.

This is so simple, but I love it and it's perfect for winter with it's iridescent white ornaments. Make one simply for yourself.

My inspiration.

To make something like this for your home. Super simple. Just use a piece of black canvas, either use gold snowflakes, or spray paint them and simply glue to the canvas with white glue. I have a black velvet ribbon here to hang it from.

Yes, these are all aged silver pieces that are absolutely gorgeous. Don't put them away, just simply add a few silver ornaments around them and watch them come to life.

I just loved these. There so different and so easy to make. Simply buy a couple bags of wood pieces that look like this and a styrofoam cone. Begin hot gluing the wood pieces to the styrofoam cone starting at the bottom and working your way to the top. I think this would be gorgeous painted white and then distressed.

I read a blog today about 5 Unconventional Holiday Decorating Ideas So Worth Stealing from Ikea. I was quite disappointed when reading it because of things like this "Sequins and shiny materials have their place, but dark matte materials and deep shades work well when you want to hunker down hard during the holiday season, with all of the cradling comforts of home. Cocoon yourself, and reemerge when you're ready."

Of course we all want to just "cocoon" ourselves for winter but that's not life. Just because it's freezing cold outside doesn't mean we stop living.

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