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Mixing Old and New Decor

March 6, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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Decorating with New and Old Furniture

How to Mix Old and New Decor

How to Mix Old and New Decor

Old Meets New Decorating

I love how they've taken a new hutch style piece and decorated the book shelves with lot's of antique accessories like in all the books, as well as the photo. Newer accessories are blended seamlessly like in the books on the bottom with the urn filled with greenery. The books on the top and the bookends.

Although this is a little loud for French Country Decor, I love the antique chest of drawers with the antique ice bucket balance with a few modern busts and the lamp. You could also use a piece of new artwork that's more reminiscent of French Country.

Another gorgeous antique piece of furniture balanced with lots of blue and white. You could do this as well with an antique piece and depending on what color you paint it would determine what color decor to use with it.

Mixing Old and New Home Decor

I love everything about this photo. They taken an antique console table that's placed along the back of the couch, with the antique stools. Introduced lot's of gold in newer pieces, as well as the antique gold chandelier in the window, then balanced all of this with the fabric on the stools, as well as the draperies.

Again, this is something that you could easily do. Add an antique or vintage piece to the back of your sofa, or along a wall in your living room, add lot's of inexpensive gold decor and complete the look with gorgeous printed draperies.

This is a look that I've always loved - mixing old and new frames.

The beautiful part of doing this is that you can add anything to the inside of the frames - a photo or artwork.

Mixing old and new frames is something that you can do in any room of your home - the perfect accessories.

Take a look at the top of this chandelier. This actually use to be a clock and was turned into a ceiling medallion with a gorgeous new chandelier added. So just right here - there's a mix of new and old.

Decorating Ideas Mixing Old and New

This is something that's gorgeous in a kitchen. Mixing an antique crystal chandelier maybe over your small breakfast table, with new pendants with an old style over your island.

Here's another very colorful photo, but still giving us that old and new feel. I wanted to show you these vintage lamps that have been painted like how you see them. Doing this is another simple way of adding old decor in with your new decor.

Antique and Vintage Tableware

I've talked a lot about using antique and vintage tableware. This table setting includes the green antique tableware with the white newer piece. The sorbert bowl is also an antique.

Using a large antique urn or vase on your dining table with a few candle sticks in the same metal finish and new crystal glasses makes for a simple, yet gorgeous French Country table.

Only the ice bucket and wall sconces are vintage here, but look how beautiful they are when mixed with all the other new pieces.

This has been truly one of my favorite articles to write because of my love of antique and vintage decor. If you find something old, don't be afraid of what you could do with it. Painting furniture is very simple and you can learn about this from my Tutorial Page. If you find old containers (vases, urns, ice buckets, etc.) - just stop for a second and think of all the possibilities for it.

Inexpensive Ways of Adding a Bit of Old to Your Decor

  • Lamps... $3 - $5.00
  • Furniture... $5.00 - $20.00
  • Containers... $1.00 - $5.00
  • Ceiling Lighting... $5.00
  • Tableware... $1.00 each

Just be inspired with everything you see!

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