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Modern French Country

March 15, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Home and Garden

Modern French Country is derived from Paris. The french seem to be born with the skill of effortless style, Je ne Sais Quoi. A stunning balance between sophistication in a variety of styles, incorporating bold new styles that blend seamlessly with more traditional design to provide a chic and stylish palette.

Incorporating new and old, letting unique pieces compliment one another is prevalent in Modern French Country.

Some Elements in Modern French Country

Gold Gilding

New Furniture or Vintage Furniture

Lot's of Crystal Chandeliers & Wall Scones

Geometric Area Rugs in neutral colors

Decorative Moulding

In Your Living Room

Another element of Modern French Country is seen in Mid Century furniture blended with modern furniture with a beautiful traditional back drop.

If you love this style, then start with a few mid century pieces. There's still an abundance of the Mid Century style out there. It's not inexpensive, but there are pieces that are very affordable like with these...

These are pieces that I found on my local Craigslist when searching for "Mid Century". Imagine either of these pieces against the beautiful background in the above photo.

This is how the french are able to afford incorporating new and old pieces into their decor. If you think about it, these pieces are far less money than brand new pieces and they've stood the test of time, there beautiful for what they are and they contribute to this style in a very affordable way.

We've talked a lot about using Mid Century pieces, but using new pieces with a traditional style like seen in this sofa are also very welcoming in this design style. Gold is another key element, so using gold side tables is just perfect.

Using a modern sofa with a few vintage chairs is perfect. Not everything needs to be vintage. The perfect blend of new and old is what we're aiming for and this would be an easy way of achieving this.

Your Dining Room

Dining rooms in this style tend to be fairly small and this is because in parisian apartments, the rooms aren't very large. In fact, you might be lucky to have an actual dining room where in fact it might become part of your kitchen.

This isn't a parisian apartment, but certainly gives a nod to the Modern French Country appeal. You could create a small dining room type setting with a round modern table and chairs. Finding the perfect vintage light for over your table is going to be the charm here.

In Between Your Rooms

Many people consider the spaces in between their rooms being dead spaces because their merely transitional.. These spaces should never be forgotten. In fact, they should be included in the decorating of each specific room. These spaces are where you can really embellish the style you love, here in Modern French Country.

There's really no perimeters to work in. A simple buffet style cabinet is perfect in these spaces and the size depends on what you have for space. Consider a small mid century style cabinet with a simple mid century style lamp to fill the end of a hallway.

In Your Kitchen

A Modern French Country kitchen is no exception to the minimalist clean lines. Notice how they've used mid century type of pendants in this space. cabinet hardware is very clean and minimal. Granite is almost always used on kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

In Your Bedroom

Something as simple as adding mid century style nightstands is all you need to bring this style into your bedroom.

Then adding table lamps in this style is the crem-de-la-crem.

Your Office

Whether if you have an actual office or using an area of your living room, kitchen or bedroom - it deserves to be included in this style. If your not able to find a true mid century desk and chair, there's plenty of new pieces that embrace this style.

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