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Modern French Country Projects

March 12, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Styles and Decor

Never Ending Love In My Heart

Modern French Country Projects

I love when I see a style that I fall in love with and think of ways that I incorporate that look into my home. Often doing this means creating things yourself - things that are going to be sprinkled throughout your home - things that you crafted yourself.

For me, this brings so much more happiness than something that's store bought.

Here was my inspiration. After melting when I saw this photo, I knew that I could create something very similar for my home.

Nothing is ever perfectly the same as something we may have seen, but we can create something very similar. In fact, so close that no one would no the difference.

Making Decorative Moulding

This is the easiest way of making "plaster" decorative moulds - only from paper clay.


Step 1. All you need is a few moulds that you love and a package of paperclay.

Step 2. Then you begin with kneading your clay straight out of the package.

Step 3. Now take your clay and place over one of the moulds, pushing down into it.

Now I know it's tempting to push clay into the surrounding moulds, but this is only going to create a mess when trying to release them.

Step 4. So now go over the clay in the one mould with a rolling pin to completely smooth on the back.

Step 5. The fun part. Release the clay from the mould very carefully and lay down on it's back.

Step 6. Now you can carefully remove the excess clay from around the mould using an exacto knife.

Voila - you have a gorgeous piece of moulding. Now take another look at the gorgeous photo above to see all of the decorative moulding they've used. It's a lot of moulding, but you don't need this much. In fact, all you need are a couple pieces to start with.

Adding Trim to Your Walls

Here's another very easy thing that you could do on your walls. Using a couple pieces of trim to create "panels" on your walls. These are as simple as creating the size you'd like - cutting and mitering the corners - fitting together on your wall and taping small finish nails in to keep them in place.

Now this would be a lot of work for some people, so I've come up with a different method of creating this look.

Making Decorative Panels

Using pieces of foam board. Simply use these as the panels for your walls. You could use the full sheet for dramatic panels on your walls, or you could cut them down into smaller panels.

All you need to do is make some of the gorgeous moulding, allow to completely dry - then attach to your foam core with some white glue. Just think of all the things you could create with this.

Using removable mounting squares is the perfect solution for hanging these panels without damaging your walls - not that you would ever want to take them down.

Gold Gilding Furniture and Decor

Gold furniture and decorative items are very prevalent in Modern French Country. Yes, you can certainly buy very inexpensive gold side tables and decor, but why shouldn't you learn about the process of gold gilding.

Step 1. All you need is a package of gold leaf -some white glue and (2) paint brushes (a regular paint brush and a large fluffy one).

Step 2. You simply water-down some white glue in a bowl and using a paint brush, paint the glue over the areas you'd like to apply the gold leaf to. It's best to work in sections while doing this.

Step 3. Take a piece of your gold leaf and place over the glue. Gently pounce down over the leafing with your fingers. Allow to dry for 10 minutes - then burnish over it with your large fluffy brush, rubbing back and forth (removing any loose leafing.

Step 4. Continue working in sections till your piece is covered, or the area is covered.

Step 5. Once your done, protect this with several coats of matte clear.

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