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Cozy Winter Decor

Monday 12/10/2018

Often times I stumble across something new that I want to share with all of you. We've already been blessed with different "cozy winter" posts here, but I think you can agree that one can never have enough inspiration.

This is one of my blogger friends - Courtney at the French Country Cottage. Most of these photos are from her. In case you haven't noticed, she's a professional photographer which is why all of her photos are gorgeous. This girl lives in upstate California and has written about these horrific wild fires that are raging. She's also a girl who loves pink, so you'll see a hint of pink in most of her photo's.

Another favorite blogger of mine is Janet at Shabby Fu Fu. She's an amazing designer - I love everything that she does. I enjoy using a lot of her photo's as well and if you happen to come across one - it's most likely of her home and can I tell you - she lives in Miami.

There's nothing like seeing photos of gorgeous spaces to inspire us with things that we can do to make our homes comfy and cozy for the winter.

A gorgeous French Country dresser - ever so feminine with the addition of slip covered furniture and an industrial style metal container with evergreens.

I love all of the heavily distressed wood in the fireplace mantel and dresser in the back. I also love the slip covered furniture and the old suitcase that's been painted as a side table. I didn't realize until recently that one can buy slip covers from Ikea for pennies compared to buying them from furniture stores exclusively.

I love the sitting area here with the super cozy looking bed.

I love this heavily distressed piece of furniture with the deer and galvanized metal painted container with the evergreen. This container is a nice blend with the table lamp.

Aren't these antique silver containers of various forms gorgeous. There hasn't been any that has been passed down in my family, so I rely on the Goodwill to supply me with whatever they have. Now they've been messing around with their pricing. They've started pricing things that are old, possibly antiques at antique prices. In the past one could buy any of these pieces for just a couple dollars. Now I'm reluctant at paying their current prices because my feeling is that there getting all there merchandise for free. There not buying it and then having to sell it to make there money back. I'm sorry - it just upsets me.

Just another piece of gorgeous antique silver that I hoped over.

Do you remember us talking about topiary's not that long ago. I'll always have a long for topiary's and I think that's pretty obvious with all the ones I've made, only it's much easier nowadays for you to create a few. Stores actually sell artificial greenery orbs and miniature trees that you can very easily make into topiary's.

These are a few example of the greenery that you can now buy to make a few topiary's. Both of these are from Ikea for not a lot of money.

I loved these. What's so special about them? First - you can buy these candles in glass at the Dollar Tree. I just recently bought quite a few for my home. I wanted pillar candles rather than the small candles that they always sell and saw these and figured that these are pillar candles just inside glass. Here they've decorated them with burlap. You don't need to use burlap, but rather gorgeous ribbon and than make a gorgeous bow for them.

The use of a few white pitchers is one of the easiest ways of bringing a little French Country decor into your home. I know that there's an antique silver pitcher shown, but I think this would be just as gorgeous with a white pitcher. You don't need an antique white pitcher like shown in the two photos on the right, but rather buy one at Ikea for a few dollars.

Be inspired with the use of fresh flowers added to the pine greenery, or just pine greenery being used.

Be inspired to add simple white ornament to your chandelier for a spectacular winter feel. Although this is a gorgeous antique crystal chandelier, you can simply hang them on whatever type of chandelier you have - even if it's a black one.

If this doesn't make you feel the weather we're in - then I think I'll just hop on this train and be done here.

This is from my friend Courtney at French Country Cottage who suggests using pale shades of yellow in the winter. This makes sense. The gorgeous pale yellow will most certainly add warmth to a space in your home.

I love - love, love, love these simple white glass balls that were probably ornaments at one time.

DIY's that your going to love

This is so funny - I didn't even notice the pale yellow blanket here because I was focused on this gorgeous throw pillow that is fairly simple to make. You do need to sew for this one. Just jump on over here to this blog to see how simple these are. This just looks so incredibly cozy. I just might make one or two for myself.

I just had to share these with you. Clearly because your making them, you can make them as large as you'd like. I have one that I bought, but these look so cozy being made from flannel shirts. Take a look at how easy these are to make.

I think this is the first "taking care of yourself" post that I've done. This is interesting and I learned something about infused oils. See how simple this is and make a batch for yourself this winter.

I just fell in love with these little darlings. I don't know if it's because their just so darn cute, or if it's because they make me feel warm and coazy. Their showing them here exactly how I would have them - probably in a vase with some tiny crushed white stones.

Omg - I absolutely love these cloches - love them. I think all of you have come to realize that I only have easy DIY's here and this is no exception. I'll give you a hint - doll house furniture.

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