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My Favorite French Country Living Rooms

Tuesday 10/30/2018

Simply gorgeous French Country Living Rooms

I'm just in love with each of these spaces. What draws me to a space is not one particular thing, but rather everything in it. I love lot's of "stuff" because it provides so much texture to a space.

If you removed all the home decor from each of these spaces - what would you have? An empty blank space. It's each of these decor elements that makes each of these what they are.

I love - love - love the use of wood, especially old and aged wood with the crisp white slipcovers. The contrast between the two is just gorgeous and even though there two completely different materials - they speak to each other. The slipcovers say come lay on me - even with your shoes on and the wood tables say - don't worry if you bang into me with that chair your pulling up.

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