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My Halloween Decor

October 15, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Holidays,Home and Garden

I've been talking about all sorts of ways for you to add a bit of Halloween magic to your home this year and realized that I forgot to mention mine.

For the seasons and holidays, I decorate by creating small vignettes around my house. I love doing this because you can create each vignette to be so different from the others while using some of the same things that are seen throughout the vignettes. Like with mine here, there's pumpkins everywhere. I enjoy using the bulk of my fall decor as the base for decorating for Halloween, especially my pastel fall decor. The small black little Halloween elements just seem to sparkle on these colors.

Like seen here in my living room on this side table. My beautiful barely blue pumpkins with a spider on one and a small crow perched on this candle holder.

This is a cloche that I made last year with just a few Goodwill finds - the wood base and glass container. Then I found the rest at the Dollar Tree. I made the tiny purple pumpkins with clay.

This beautiful arrangement is on my dining table. It was so easy to make. I started with two pieces of antique decor - a silver cake stand and a porcelain soup bowl. Using Styrofoam inside the soup bowl, I placed fresh hydrangeas that are completely dry with a branch of artificial foliage. Then I perched a bunch of tiny pumpkins and pine cones around the cake stand. For Halloween, I added a black and gold feather boa to the mix.

I just love these twine pumpkins that I made last year and for Halloween, I perched one of my small crows on top.

Again, my fall decor with a simple black spider sitting on the burlap pumpkin. I love layering my decor.

This is one of my best finds from Goodwill. An extremely old top hat that I only paid a couple dollars for. I love it just sitting on this old book.

Here's a few decor pieces I did a few years ago with real bird nests anchored to antique chair springs. That's just a vase filled with tall glass sitting behind them. A simple crow perched on one is all I needed for this vignette.

I love the colors in this little vignette with the orange, barely blue and the natural acorns. Again, I just perched one of my little crows for Halloween.

Here's a few flannel pumpkins I made this year for my fall decor with a small pink pumpkin and tiny orange pumpkin resting on top. Perfect place to perch this little crow.

Here in my kitchen, I created this small vignette using an antique silver dish. See the blue and white cup in the back? There's only a few fall things in it that my boyfriend found for me in September. He said here's your first fall decor! How sweet.

So use your fall decor for Halloween!

Doing this means less Halloween decor you'll need to fill your home.

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