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Thrift Store Makeovers

Monday 11/12/2018

Oh my gosh - my favorite thing is getting these incredible transformations in my email. Well, the next best thing than finding them myself. There is truly nothing like finding an incredible thrift store find and repurposing it and giving it a new life.

How adorable is this vintage wood mirror. Truly given new life with a fresh coat of white paint and cost probably $3.00.

Lamps are always in abundance at Goodwill for just a few dollars. It's just a matter of finding one in the shape you like and spray painting it like the one here.

These are a true find and not seen very often. I would say this piece probably cost $5.00 and then was given this gorgeous French Country distressed finish with some simple paint.

Finding a full set of gorgeous dining chairs is also a rare find. Just look at how gorgeous these chairs are. Goodwill doesn't usually sell things in sets, so I would guess that these chairs were bought for maybe $5.00 each. And the finish is still gorgeous on these - meaning that they don't HAVE to be refinished.

This is a true definition of repurposing thrift store finds. Old shutters cut with a few additional pieces of wood at the top and bottom to make this gorgeous lamp. This style lamp would usually cost upward of $100.00.

I never shop the toy isle, but seeing this has definitely opened my eyes to at least doing a quick pass by. This is simply too cute of a piece of kitchen decor now that it's been refinished with some black and silver paint.

Another piece totally repurposed. A cheese box refinished with a few hair-pin legs added. So simple to do and only requires a little thinking outside the box.

An old window transformed into this shadow box. Not very original, but this one is truly gorgeous with the vintage postcards back ground.

I actually have an old suitcase that looks exactly like this and have always used it as a simple piece of vintage decor.  

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