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No-Sew Sweater Slippers

November 8, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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Happy Friday my Friends! How are you feeling today? Maybe a little chilly and off to work? Well I have something that your going to want to make when you get home.

No-Sew Sweater Slippers

Don't these look absolutely warm and cozy?

Materials we're going to need:

  • Thick socks

  • Scrap of cardboard

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Sueded or faux leather fabric

  • Fusible webbing

  • Iron

Let's talk...I don't want you feeling stressed in making these because of the unusual Sueded fabric and Fusible webbing that we'll be using. I looked over at Hobby Lobby and they have just what we need. Pretty amazing right?

Step 1. Pull the socks onto your feet. Stand on a piece of cardboard, and trace both feet with a pencil and cut out. Remove socks.

Step 2. Use your pencil to trace your templates onto the sueded fabric and fusible webbing (a material that bonds fabrics together) and cut them out.

Step 2. Slide a cardboard template into each sock, positioning it where you want to iron on new soles. Place fusible webbing between sueded fabric and sock's sole; iron according to webbing directions, and remove cardboard.

How easy was this? Maybe you can make a few pairs this year for the cold months ahead!

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