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Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Colors

September 6, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Holidays,Home and Garden

Thanksgiving is about family and friends coming together and being thankful for all the things they have in life. It's a glorious celebration of being thankful. As with any celebration, we want everything looking beautiful.

Many people think of Thanksgiving decor being in red, yellow and orange. But this isn't the case.

Thanksgiving can be celebrated in other colors like shades of blue, pink, burgundy, green and brown, and neutrals. I've shared with you HOW TO MAKE FABRIC PUMPKINS and I'll be sharing HOW TO MAKE VELVET PUMPKINS in October. This way you'll have all of your gorgeous little pumpkins ready for Thanksgiving.

Depending on the color you choose to use this year for Thanksgiving, there's plenty more to think about aside from our pumpkins.


Products at the Dollar Tree

  • White tableware
  • Small pumpkins
  • Glass candle holders
  • Silk Roses and Peonies


If your planning on having Thanksgiving in the evening, light a few small pillar candles.

This is a very simple table to put together. These small pumpkins can be bought at the Dollar Store and simply painted with acrylic paint. Their sitting on pinecones with acorns tossed into the mix.

When decorating with blue, think about natural colors like with pinecones. Maybe wicker placemats underneath your white plates.


I love this table setting with the pink and orange. These are real pumpkins painted in chalky orange and pink. White plates. Peonies flowers and lots of greenery. Peonies flowers can be artificial and the greenery from your own backyard. Rather than dessert cups on the plates, I would place a small white pumpkin that you can get at the Dollar Store and paint.

If you'd like smaller pumpkins like these on your table as well, follow my mixing of paint above and paint your artificial pumpkins. You'll need several coats. Remove the stems first. After your pumpkins are painted, go out and look for interesting branches to use as stems, then hot glue to the tops.

Again, a Thanksgiving with lots of flowers, roses and peonies. The pizazz here is in the orange gingham tablecloth and the pink gingham napkins.


I love the use of simple dinner plates with a burgundy colored napkin.

I love the use of the burgundy and green pumpkins that could shine down the center of your dining table.


I'm in love with this super easy table setting. White plates with artichokes on each, or you could use a small white pumpkin instead. White painted pumpkins on top of pedestals. You could mix and match your green and brown pumpkins down the center of the table. And the chargers that really set the table.


Pink is used with several different colors for Thanksgiving. Here it's being used with grey that I think is gorgeous.

So go ahead and make some pink, white and grey pumpkins to stroll down the center of your tale.

Simple white tableware, grey tablecloth folded in half to use it as a runner with grey napkins.

Simple drinking glasses can be used rather than the pink champagne glasses.


How incredibly simple is this tablescape, yet so beautiful. You could literally have this table set in minutes, it just requires a little prep work days before in painting your pumpkins. Then on Thanksgiving morning, go outdoors and collect a bunch of greenery.


Setting your Thanksgiving table with several different colors is fairly easy. Like with this array of gorgeous color. Just set your table with white tableware, dessert plates on top of your dinner plates. Place these colorful pumpkins down the center of the table. Buy linen napkins in the lesser predominant color. If you have lesser green pumpkins than the other colors, then buy green napkins.

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