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One Sassy Outfit

August 17, 2019

· Styles and Decor,Self Care

So what does SASSY mean exactly? lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky.

Being SASSY can mean so much to different people. If your a conservative person, than you don't want to overdue it with too much color, or sky high stellitos - you could simply be FULL OF SPIRIT.

Keeping it Simple

I absolutely love this look for the warmer months. It's so incredibly simple, affordable and looks amazing.

I love this look. Very simple - just a white blouse with black slacks. The fedora says it all - ou la la!

Amazingly, we can definitely afford an $8.00 fedora to go with our simple outfit for today.

I just love simple outfits that we can throw on and look gorgeous. Like with this sexy little number.

Very simple, but oh so French!

A little bit sexier and even more French with the ruffled sleeve!

I absolutely adore these two outfits. The one on the left is simple devine. The grey and pink is perfectly married in this outfit. Notice the bow tie coordinating with the boots. The skirt is grey and pink and it feels like everything else - the hat, glasses, earrings and coat just rest on the body.

And the outfit on the right is beautiful in it's own way. A little more preppy with the cream top overlaying the beautiful pink skirt. Her gold jewelry really uplifts this outfit from just being preppy to looking more put together.

Wear a pair of your sexy jeans with a sexy top that's not so simple.

I love this blouse. I love the style and ruffled flowing arms. Can you believe this is only $28.00?

I love this blouse as well with the beautiful sheer arms. Just picture this with your favorite jeans.

You thought fur was just for winter...

If you love faux fur, then why not incorporate it into your outfits every day. Pair a sexy top with your simple black jeans and your ready for the night out.

I love this faux fur scarf in this color. It's perfect! It will go with any outfit which is simply divine.

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