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Monday 12/10/2018

Welcome to our home for Christmas. I'm so anxious to share it with you.

Welcome to our Home

When you come to our Home, you come in through the kitchen. There's not a lot of space to decorate, as every surface is filled with a can opener or coffee maker, or some other daily small appliance.

I just love these penguins that I made for the season. These little guys are on our counter and believe it or not, their not in the way.

Our Living Room

A lot of our decorations will stay up for the winter season. Our wreaths on the windows, our Christmas tree that I'll just remove the ornaments on, garlands on things, snowballs, deer, urns filled with berries.

Our home being so comfy and cozy might be the reason behind why I'm having a hard time getting out in the cold weather. I love - love - love my home right now.

We have these gorgeous wreaths in the four windows on this side of our home. All of the beautiful white lights on the wreaths and our Christmas tree are left on day and night, adding warmth to our home.

Our beautiful Christmas tree sitting on top an antique suitcase. For several years now I've decorated with neutral ornaments. I picked up a few more this year. Don't you love the large snowball at the top?

Some of my favorite ornaments - the gold glitter church, white bell, silver bell, yarn pom pom snowball, styrofoam snowball. Most of the tree is decorated with white and silver ornaments - some glossy and some glittered.

Every nook and cranny has been decorated. I love my gorgeous paper reindeer that I made with various scrapbook papers and cardstock.

I made a lot of these little guys and I simply adore them.

I love decorating with snowballs and simple glitter balls for the holiday. I'll definitely be leaving the snowballs out for the season. This is an antique metal pot that I got from the Goodwill a few years back and is perfect for holding onto my little treasures.

My beautiful little nutcrackers that I bought at the Dollar Tree and repainted in pink. I just love them.

My beautiful Clara that's actually a snowman...I know. I found an actual Clara doll, but having dolls in my home is very unsettling to me. I had this metal snowman that I repainted in white and then added the skirt making for the perfect Clara.

I made this sign and frame last summer and although it's been hanging up since than, I especially love it even more now with the garland that I made with pinecones and burlap flowers.

Our Bedroom

We have a huge bedroom and I absolutely love it because it's so cozy. I have all antique pieces in here including our brass headboard, night stands, trunk at the end of the bed and our dressers. As you can see, some of our little babies think it's super cozy as well - umm...there's usually a lot more in here.

This is our bedroom Christmas Tree that I've decorated simply with snowflakes and French Cones.

I just love our little Christmas tree. Can you believe I bought this from the Dollar Tree and simply stuck it into this beautiful white ceramic container with some stones around the base. The French cones that I made are my favorite.

Decorate your Christmas tree with ornaments that you've made. If there made out of paper, store them in a small box filled with plastic bubbles.

This little tree will remain up for the winter season. I'll probably flock the branches during this time because the ornaments will be removed.

I've decorated this antique urn with white and gold berries - the perfect addition with the gold lamp and pink votive holders.

I didn't feel the need to decorate our night stands for Christmas. I love having the pink staying in our bedroom.

When decorating for Christmas, look around your home to see what you might be able to use for snowballs that you've made, or pinecones that you've gathered. I think you'll be surprised in how beautiful you can create something with what you already have.

Our Family

Because our 9 little felines are our family, I felt it important to introduce you to two of them. This is Seth and Brie - brother and sister who will be 11 years old next year. This is the first time that they've laid together since they were born. This photo is so near and dear to my heart.

Yes...Baby Boy and Blackie are pooped with all of my decorating. Poor babies don't know what their going to be walking into.

My beautiful boys loving each other as they sleep. Blackie loves cuddling into the belly of whoever he's laying with. Baby Boy doesn't care, he's just happy being with Blackie - he's so passive.

Big Brother and Baby Braxton loving each other. Neither of these two are much for cuddling. There so beautiful.

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