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Paint Hacks for Instantly Updating Your French Country Home Decor

July 15, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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Who would have know in all my years of designing that there was such a paint called Testors. I know I've walked past these in craft stores giving no mind as to what exactly they were because I don't do modeling work.

Do you have a cabinet full of clear glass vases or home decor and accessories that you would love to change the color but you’re not sure what to do or what type of paint will not scratch? If so, then today’s post is just for you! I’m going to show you some super easy paint hacks for instantly updating home decor that are such a great way to refresh the old tired stuff into something amazing!

The great news is that you don’t need a big quart size of enamel paint for these items. All you need are little enamel craft paints made by Testors that are about $2.00 at your local craft store and online at Amazon that work beautifully and will give you a durable finish that will last forever. If you’re not familiar with Testors paints, you will find them in the model car/airplane crafts section at your craft store on a display that looks like this (just look at all the gorgeous color possibilities):

Testors paints come in both enamel (oil-based) and acrylic (water-based), so be sure and read the labels and choose the right paint for the material you’re painting that I am explaining below.

Paints for Ceramics

Most people think that you could never paint shiny glazed ceramic home decor and have it look like it’s not painted. While there are some pretty expensive paints out there for specifically painting ceramics, all you need is a little $2.00 bottle of Testors enamel paint (no primer needed), which will give an amazing finish that looks like glazed ceramics and not painted.

I wanted to add a matte black ceramic pot in my living room that I could add a moss ball to for greenery and instead of buying a new pot, I painted an old red one that was collecting dust in my junk closet for more than 10 years.

Because I wanted the pot to look matte black and not shiny like glaze, I used Testors Enamel in semi-gloss. Below is how the pot turned out after painting only one coat:

If I wanted the pot to be shinier, I would have used the Testors enamel gloss in black for that shiny glazed look. I really wanted more of matte look and the semi-gloss was perfect!

All I had to do was clean the pot really well with alcohol and then paint with a foam brush. Testors paint goes on like butter and you can stop and start without any brush marks.

The semi-gloss goes on like a gloss but when it dries, it goes more matte. Just look at how even and beautiful that finish is going on. Can you believe it?! It’s really great stuff!

Again, all I did was brush the enamel on with a foam brush and I only needed one coat. Because the Testors paints are enamel and oil-based, no primer is needed and the paint will harden after a few days just like the glaze. Keep in mind that oil-based paints take several days to fully cure and harden and once the finish dries, it won’t scratch and the finish will last forever and you do not need to spray a top coat. You can still lightly use pieces 24 hours after painting but just know that enamels take at least 7-10 days to fully harden and cure, so light wear is ok but anything else during that time could scratch.

Paint for Glass

If you’re like me and have a big surplus of clear glass vases from getting flowers or just buying different sizes over the years, Testors enamels are awesome for painting or swirling paints in glass. Again, because these paints are oil-based enamels, they are ideal for painting glass and they will not look painted with brush marks. Better yet, once the paint hardens, it won’t scratch and the finish will last forever!

Pouring or painting Testors enamels on glass (or in glass) is a fantastic way of incorporating a pop of a specific color to your decor. With my living room remodel, I have been looking for ways to work in pops of white and black to my decor and I simply poured Testors flat white (enamel) into a clear glass jar, swirled it to cover all the glass and I have an instant pop of white.

If you want to create a marble or swirl vase by pouring different paints in, you can also easily do that with Testors enamels. Some of you guys may recall that during Christmas this last year, I used Testors Craft Paints in clear ornaments to make ornaments that look just like marble.

To get the same marble look in a glass vase or jug, you will need to use oil-based enamels like Testors (so you can add water to the vase after).

Slowly pour 3-4 different colors into your vase (I used white, black and gold below). Next, use a skewer to very slowly swirl for a marble look like this.

Next, begin moving the vase around to swirl and get paint up on the sides:

After you have swirled and covered most of the vase with paint, turn your vase over onto thick newspaper to allow for the excess paint to come out onto the newspaper.

Let your vase dry for at least 24-36 hours before adding water and flowers. You do not have to seal the inside since it’s oil-based enamel.

Don’t worry if you get paint on the outside of the vase, just make sure you pick up Testors Enamel Thinner (also in a little bottle) to wipe away any excess paint that gets on your fingers or outside of the vase. You will need to allow the vase to dry overnight and when you’re done, it will look something like this:

Paint for Metal

I painted the mirror frames below with Testors Enamel Flat Black finish to get rid of the silver frame color.

If you are painting a frame that you cannot remove the mirror or glass, you don’t have to tape off anything, just use a razor to quickly remove dried paint instantly!

This was originally a gold metal tray that turned out perfect with Testors enamel in flat black.

Paint for Resin

This beautiful resin candle holder was originally a brownish gold color. I used a small foam brush to apply the Testors Enamel Gloss Black and in one fast coat, the finish was flawless! Keep in mind that a little of this paint goes a very long way, which is another reason I love Testors so much.

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