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Parisian Chic Bedroom

October 25, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Home and Garden

Parisian Chic is one of my favorite decor styles and for several reasons.

It embarks on truly old world favorites and often times blends other styles in with it.

Today we're going to focus on the old world favorites that are so prevalent in this style and your going to love them.

Let's face it - this time of year is all about getting cozy after working a long day and looking forward to going to bed at night to get the ultimate in doing this.

We know how much the French love their crystal chandeliers and having one in your bedroom is definitely Parisian Chic decor you should consider. It doesn't need to be an antique crystal chandelier, but should be one that's large and grand, one that should be noticed without hesitation.

A crystal chandelier in your bedroom isn't about the light that it provides, but more about the grandeur of it when you walk into the room - the feeling that it provides.

Your bed is the focal point here and should be as luxurious as possible. Some of these are very grand with their intricate antique headboards and although this is scrumptious in any bedroom, it's not necessary. Notice how two of the beds are curved upholstered headboards. These are simple enough to have. And the grand

A tented style instantly creates a cozy and romantic room within a room, while leaving the piece undressed is equally impactful.

Although these style beds can be very grand, you don't need this in your bedroom. Notice in the first photo above how they just have a half circle fixture to drape the curtains from - this is all you need. Then purchase extra long draperies to hang.

This tent style canopy is from Amazon and is exactly what we're looking for. You could either use these draperies or remove them to hang your own. Simply mount it close to the wall that your headboard sits on rather than centered over your bed for a truly French Chic look.

Consider purchasing antique style night stands and dressers for a French Chic look in your bedroom. And gold gilt framed artwork for decor that's surely to please this look.

With these few things, you'll have a cozy romantic French Chic bedroom before you know it.

And just imagine crawling into this on chilly nights!

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