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PASTEL French Country Christmas

Saturday 11/18/2018

I just love using white - a chalky or matte white that is and tend to lean towards this when refinishing furniture. Of course everything get's aged as well.

These photos are from Courtney at the French Country Cottage.


Far Left - I love the simplicity of this. Miniature evergreens, the wreath with fresh pine on the mantel and gentle spurts of white and silver. I also love the elegant beaded garland hanging in the front.

Medium - Again, I love the simplicity. These have got to be left over flowers from her summer garden and don't they look gorgeous, almost as good as when they were alive I love the little wreath to say I'm ready for the season ahead.

Right - This girl is the one who has made me love pink so much, because it's practically in every photo she shoots. I love just the little arrangement of pink roses here.


Far left - This mirror is gorgeous. I love the thin lines of it with a cluster of flowers at the top. It really stands focus amongst the Christmas stockings, the small gold vase for the flowers and the multiples of gold candle holders. Then you have the large white tree in the front.

Medium - I never thought about so much green as decor, but I really like this. It's very soothing. Notice it's not your typical Christmas wreath. Because of this, I assuming that they've used only holly berry branches on the mantel.

Right - Can I tell you that there's nothing like white stoneware in a dark hutch. I have one myself and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately mine has glass doors so I'm not able to hang pine in the front. I love this photo and now I'm inspired to pickup more white stoneware.

How gorgeous are these DIY projects? There so simple and will last you a lifetime.

The top row - are a bunch of brush trees in different pastel colors. If you can't find the white, pink or teal colored ones, simply spray paint the one's you do find - possibly green. Then take them a step further adding tiny stars to the top.

Another gorgeous photo from my friend Courtney. You can simply replicate this look with a pitcher filled with pink roses on your counter and pine trees in the windows inside blue Chinoiserie containers. Finish off your gorgeous kitchen with a gorgeous crystal chandelier, possibly an antique crystal chandelier.

Top left - A gorgeous Pine Cone wreath painted in variations of pink. We all know how to make these wreaths by now. However if you've forgotten, visit the Pine Wreath & Pine Swag blog.

Middle - Simply buy some inexpensive metal lanterns and spray paint white and then distress them - gorgeous. Remember, these aren't just for candles, consider filling them with Christmas ornaments.

Right - I love - love - love the color of these packages and you could create these simply. Just buy some round gift boxes, remove the lids and spray paint the bottom in variations of pastel pinks, do the same with the one with a pink top with a gold band. Do the same thing with the white one on the bottom. After these are completely dry, measure 1" down from the bottom of the lid, tape and paint in gold acrylic with a brush. For the tiny gold stripes, measure down a 1/4" from the top on the lid and then 1/4" from the bottom of the lid, tape and paint in acrylic gold.

Far Left - I love this wreath and it's quite simple to make. Just purchase a premade wreath like the one from Ikea. Once you've got it hung, you might want to add real pine branches to it to add a lot of lush greenery. Then just place pine cones inside the wreath and finish by sticking in random pink roses.

Right - Who wouldn't want something so gorgeous in there window will. Simple pine and holly berry branches with a few drinking glasses of pink roses, oh and maybe a pastel pink ornament. Super simply and super lush.

I hope you enjoyed these, as they were a ton of fun searching for them.

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