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Perfect French Country Dried Flowers

September 19, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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Now I don't know about you, but I love dried flowers. I love it when I receive a bouquet of flowers and able to dry them out to enjoy throughout the year.

Drying flowers is an art that's been around for hundreds of years and it's very simple.

To ensure that the flowers maintain their shape and plumpness, gather a bouquet of them together and wrap a rubber band around the bottom of the stems and hang upside down for a week. Then remove the rubber band and you have perfectly dried flowers.

These can be used for so many things like making wreaths, decorating gift boxes, decorating frames, just adding to a bowl and so - so many other things.

Today however I'm more interested in decorating with them. Using them in bunches throughout our homes this fall.

It's rather ironic that I thought to write a blog about using dried flowers when next month all of our gorgeous flowers in our gardens will be faded and well on their way.

Here's gorgeous arrangement of dried blue hydrangeas used with the artificial white flowers. A spectacular mixture of dried and faux.

A simple dried rose placed in a white pitcher with some added dried greenery. So simple, yet so gorgeous.

Hint - hint...pickup any type of pitcher at your local thrift store and spray paint it white.

An abundance of dried roses sitting pretty in antique vessels.

A super large assortment of dried blue and white hydrangeas. How absolutely stunning is this?

I adore this. A bouquet of dried roses lying on a stack of books. Super simple decor.

Each week, treat yourself to an inexpensive dozen of roses to have for a few days before drying them out. Another idea is keeping an eye out for any sales your local florist may be having on flowers. They might just have some that you'd like to use.

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