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Pinecone Candle Holder DIY

Monday French Country Crafts

I love - love - love collecting pine cones this time of year. I arm myself with several shopping bags and head out to a wooded area next to one of my favorite cemeteries. Usually my boyfriend will come with me and we just enjoy being outdoors, smelling the crisp air while we collect our little treasures.

Sometimes, if I remember - I'll bring an additional bag for acorns.

What I love about pine cones is that their a part of nature with so much beauty. Although they may appear to look the same, each one is different. I could make a nice long list here in all the things you can do with pine cones, but I want to stay focused on making candle holders for now.

Here is one that I recently made.

And this is how I made it...

You can either make your own small wreath from live branches like seen here, or you could purchase a small grapevine wreath.

To make your own, it's actually quite simple. Just take and bend one of your branches in a circular form like shown here. Once your able to get the branch to bend nicely, you'll wire it to keep it's form.

This is how mine is coming out. You just keep bend and forming the branch till you reach the thickness of the wreath you'd like. These green pine cones are part of the branch, which is wonderful.

As you can see here, I've used a lot of wire to secure my wreath together and this is ok, because you'll be covering all of this with pinecones.

Now you'll simply begin hot gluing on your pinecones. As you can see here, I've hot glued pine cones directly onto the wreath really well. Then I added smaller pine cones on top of them, forming another layer.

Once your done, simply add a pillar candle to the center. Because the pine cones are going to be so close to the candle, there's no need to put a plate underneath.

This is a different type that you could make.

I've made one's just like this in the past and I will say that there very time consuming because you'll need to remove A LOT of pinecone "petals".

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