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Pottery Barn Halloween Hacks

October 21, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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Pottery Barn Halloween Hacks

Happy Monday my friends! This post is a little unusual for me to write, but it's something that I personally love to do. There's been so many times in the past when I'll comb through stores like Ballard Designs - Pottery Barn and Pier One online to look at all their beautiful products and think to myself - I could make that! And that's pretty much what brought me to writing this.

Start to be like me, in looking at all that a store has to offer in a different way. Think to yourself...can I make this?

Now that I've done my Pier One Halloween Hacks post, I'm excited to move on to other stores that I find enchanting. Love this word for Halloween "INCHANTING". Every store has things that you can easily make yourself for not a lot of money, it just requires thinking outside the box. This isn't something that everyone has the capabilities of doing, but the more you learn how to do it - the easier it gets.

Sometimes when I'm browsing in a store, like Hobby Lobby. I look at all the gorgeous products that they have on display and there's always pieces that really catch my eye. So I look at them, breaking down how their actually made. Now because all of this is mass produced - you won't be using the same materials, but you could use very similar materials.

Today I want to share my Pottery Barn Halloween products that I found and want to make them into "HACKS" that we can easily do ourselves.

What do you think? Unique products that are perfect to decorate for Halloween in our homes this year.

Halloween Skeleton Glasses

These glasses were the easiest as you can see. Feel free to leave the skeletons white if you'd like, or maybe painting them gold instead of silver.

Skeleton Artwork

So they have a set of (3) Skeleton artwork prints, but I have (2) that I think you'll enjoy.

Each of these are 8 1/2" x 11" - Just print and frame!

Halloween Pultz Houses for a little time consuming project, but your going to love them. These are called Pultz houses and these particular ones are for Halloween. I made some for Christmas last year.

After you've made these, adjust the basic templates to see what other type of spooky Halloween houses you can create.

I hope these projects brings you inspiration throughout the year in making beautiful products yourself without paying the steep prices that are often associated with each piece.

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