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Pumpkin Candles

November 3, 2019

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If you love candles as much as I do, the whole house is lit at night. Rather than using my candle holders that I use throughout the years, I thought that we could make some for fall.

What do you think about this? Beautiful pumpkin candles perched on top of a cake dish with lot's of fall foliage.

So simple...

Gather some real pumpkins. Maybe you'd like them to be all the same size, or maybe you'd like them different sizes.

Carve out the center of them and wash really good.

Then simply place a tea light inside.

You can also make these using gourds...

How gorgeous is this?

Here they've carved the pumpkins to hold taper candles instead of tea light candles. If you love this look, use small pumpkins to make your candles, then simply pick up a few glass candle holders from the Dollar Store and place your small pumpkins on them.

Here's another thought...

Create some sparkly ones by using glitter on the outside. You can do this several ways. You could paint them with white glue, or spray them with an adhesive. Do what's easiest for you!

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