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Recreating a French Country Dining Room

Wednesday 10/17/2018

Inspired by Blesser House

Your going to love what we've done here.

Recreate this space affordably.

Have you ever heard of dry brushing? Where you dip your paint brush in the paint a little bit, dab off on a paper towel and start running the brush across your piece?

Well this is what we're going to do very simply here. Just get several bottles of white acrylic paint.

If the wood is to light for you, then simply run a piece of sand paper over your table, then apply a medium stain to it before you start dry brushing it. Then after this is dry, you can begin dry brushing it with your white paint.

Once your done, go over the entire piece with steel wool to smooth it like a babies bottom.

Protect your finish with a can of clear spray paint, or buy some clear urethane and brush it on.

Your truly going to be amazed at what you've just done.

These chairs are simply perfect as is.

Simply buy yourself a can of medium grey spray paint and paint the entire clock.

If you don't feel comfortable with spray painting, then purchase a quart of white ceiling paint and a bottle of black acrylic paint.

Pour a good amount of the white ceiling paint into a disposable container and then add just a hint of black to it and stir really good. If you need to, just keep adjusting the color by adding a bit more black.

Once you've got the perfect grey that you like, start painting all of the clock and allow to completely dry - very important.

Once it's dry, you'll dry brush the white on - just like we did with the dining table.

Now go over your painted finish with a piece of steel wool to smooth it out.

When your done, you'll want to seal your finish with a can of clear spray paint, or you could use a can of clear urethane and brush it on.

Begin working on this finish by sanding the wood with a medium grit sandpaper.

If the wood is to light to you, do the same thing like we did above by staining the wood first and allowing to dry.

Then take some of your white ceiling paint from the above project, pour some into a disposable container and add some water to it, making a watery paint.

Using an old rag, dip it into the watery paint and begin dabbing it onto the chandelier where you stained. This is going to give you that beautiful finish that you see on the inspirational chandelier. Allow this to dry. Go over it again with your watery paint to give it the right amount of white.

After your done with the white finish, using a piece of medium grit sandpaper, go over the wood to distress it a little bit and then finish it by going over the wood with a piece of steel wool. This will make it extremely smooth.

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