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RED & GREEN DIY'S French Country Christmas

Friday 11/16/2018

Here are some incredibly simple DIY projects for you to try. Each project is so easy, yet so beautiful to have.

1. Burlap and Plaid Ornaments - buy a few styrofoam balls in the size you'd like, also purchase like an 1/8 of a yard of burlap and plaid fabrics. Also purchase some twine to hang them from, or maybe you'd like either green or red ribbon. Start with hot gluing on a piece of twine or ribbon as your hangar. Then score your styrofoam balls with a steak knife, just start at one point and drag the knife completely around the ball to where you started. Do the same thing going in the opposite direction. You want to keep scoring the styrofoam balls till you have quarters around them. Now cut small squares of fabric. Place the fabric over the scored lines and using a butter knife, push into the scored lines as much as you need so that only the quarter is covered. Do the same thing around the entire ball. Finally, you'll want to glue some twine over each score mark. Just run a bead of hot glue down the score mark and place the twine on top.

2. I know these stockings look gorgeous and expensive, these actually aren't. These were made using outgrown sweaters, or one's that you don't wear anymore. So pull out a few of these and lay them down on a table. Begin with cutting off the arms because these are going to be your stockings. Print on your computer a pattern of a Christmas stocking. Just google "christmas stocking" and find an image that you like. Download and print it. Take this template and pin over one of the arms you just cut. Now cut out. This will give you both the front and back of your stocking. Turn the pieces so the fronts are facing on another. Now take your embroidery floss, thread your large needle and stitch all around the stocking, leaving the top opened. When your done, simply fold the top over to make a cuff and voila - your finished.

3. How cute is this little girl and I just love seeing her doing crafts. Make super simple Christmas artwork in purchasing a few burlap canvases in the size you'd like. Also purchase a small bag of red and green buttons in different sizes and a spool of red or green ribbon. Place something circular onto your burlap canvas and run a bead of white glue around the edge of it. Wipe off the edge of your circular item, then begin placing your buttons. When your finished placing all your buttons, simply make a simple bow and glue it to the top of your wreath.

4. Aren't these popsicle stick sleds adorable. All you need are some popsicle sticks, some tiny bells, some faux pine and white glue. Simply glue your popsicle sticks together like shown in the photo and allow to dry. Then glue on a tad of pine with one or two tiny bells.

5. I just think this wreath is so creative and definitely very different from what you typically see. To make this you'll need a wire wreath frame, various size styrofoam balls to go around your frame, some red ornaments in different sizes and some green yarn. Simply take each of your styrofoam balls and wrap them with lot's of green yarn like shown. Then when done, begin hot gluing these onto your frame, followed with a few red ornaments. Just create a pattern like shown here.

6. Now we can use the body of the sweaters that we used for our stockings. Making these pillows is pretty much the same as how you made your stockings. First measure the size of your pillow, then transfer those measurement over to your sweater and cut out. Place your two pieces facing one another and simply sew all the way around, leaving an opening to stuff your pillow into, and finishing with folding in the opening and sewing closed.

So what do you think about having a Pj and Pancake Party? I think this is just so cute of an idea and had to share it.

Just make some little invitations to give to each person, probably just within your family. Because this is such a cute idea, it's important to make the invitations. Oh, I don't have a photo here, but you might want to write on the invitation that flannel pj's and warm slippers are required.

5" x 7" invitation for you to just print. Make sure you add the date and time, and the address of the party.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this blog for all of you. Even though I don't decorate with red and green, all of these photos have inspired me in one way or another. It's sort of funny because I just decorated my Christmas tree and it's all done in neutrals with a touch of silver. Amongst all these decorations, I found a couple boxes of red ornaments and actually decided to keep them because their a classic color and I never know if I might want to use them in the future.

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