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Handmade Acorn Kissing Balls

September 9, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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I am so excited here today. I'm finally able to share a project with you that I've actually made myself. I just made this Thursday 9/5.

Here's the final kissing ball so far. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with all of the empty areas. There are however several things that I could do, I just need to make up my mind.

Here's my pot of acorns that I've cleaned. I cleaned them with water and vinegar, letting them sit for a half hour and look at the gorgeous patina that followed. Shades of grey and brown, with almost a distressed look to them.

Take a look at the bottom here for how to clean your acorns.

I started with my very large styrofoam ball. You can use whatever size you'd like. These are the only one's I have at the moment.

Step 1. Begin with running a bead of hot glue down the middle of the styrofoam ball, approximately 3/4 of the way.

Step 2. Also start with placing an acorn anywhere that you just placed glue.

Step 3. Now you'll place acorns on either side of your first one.

Step 4. Continue running a bead of hot glue as you go and continue placing your acorns.

This is what your ball will look like with the first row of acorns on in the middle of the styrofoam ball.

Step 5. Now place another bead of hot glue in the same way as the first row, just underneath the row you just completed.

This is what it will begin to look like. Notice the empty space on the right side. This will happen to you as you go along.

And all you do is find an acorn that will fit into this little spot like seen in the photo below. The acorn right in the center filled in this spot.

And again, this is what you'll have at the end.

At this point, you can do several things to fill in all of the empty spots.

This is how I've always made these.

  1. You could buy several small bags of moss at the Dollar Store. Take a tiny amount and hot glue into the empty areas.
  2. You could also take additional acorns and just hot glue them on top of each empty area. 
  3. A new thing that I just thought of was going back to where I found these and getting pine needles, cutting them to tiny amounts and hot gluing them into these areas standing up. I think I'm going to go with this idea this year. This will add so much additional texture to each kissing ball.

Here I've begun attaching moss to all the little empty spaces.

Just take tiny pieces of moss, place hot glue in the empty spot, place the moss on and press into the hole with a ball-point pen.

This is your final piece!

However there's several different ways you could make these that I haven't tried yet.

1. With the hats placed upside down. I personally don't care for this look because it's quite boring. However you could start with placing glitter on each acorn hat and allowing to completely dry before you begin to attach them.

Cleaning Acorns

  • Wash the pine cones or acorns in a bucket of water + half a cup (or more if needed) of white vinegar
  • Mix them around in the water so that any last bits of dirt are scrubbed away
  • Let them soak for about 30 minutes
  • The pine cones will start to close up as they soak, but don't worry - they will open up again fully as they dry
  • Drain the pine cones or acorns on a paper towel for a few minute so that the excess water will drain off
  • Line your pine cones or acorns on a foil covered baking sheet
  • Place it in the oven (at 200 degrees Fahrenheit) for 1-2 hours
  • As they cook, the pine cones will open and any green acorns will turn brown
  • They will dry differently depending on their size, so make sure to check on them every half hour so that they don't burn
  • When they're done, let them cool for 20 minutes before working with them

I hope you've enjoyed making these with me. I've been making these for many years now and I still very much enjoy making them.

I just had this idea today that I want to make this year for fall. Simply, after you've made your acorn kissing balls - get a silver tray or bowl and layer it with green moss. The place your kissing balls with a few white small pumpkins. I'm super excited to make this.

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