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Friday 11/23/2018

The holidays are here and the one time of year where we all spend a little too much money. Budgets are beautiful and lists keep us organized with our spending, but all of this doesn't mean that you need to bring decorating your home to a halt.

If you're anything like me, I'm constantly looking for ways to change up my home with new decorative pieces. Maybe it's just one small piece to add to a vignette. Or maybe you've been looking for that perfect magnet board for your kitchen that you just haven't been able to find and would be so perfect for this time of year.

I love gorgeous "things" and can't stop talking about them when I find them. Another thing I can't stop talking about is finding a way to make it without spending a lot of money. The Dollar Tree is the perfect place to do this with all of their products that you can easily give a new purpose to or totally upcycle it.

These are gorgeous and simply repurposed from salt and pepper shakers. My friend Courtney at French Country Cottage is the one who came up with this idea.

These are going to be clear when you purchase them. So you'll want to spray paint them in a matte white paint. Place them upside down on a piece of cardboard to do this so you don't get paint inside of them.

Look how she's arranged these gorgeous flowers for the perfect small pop of color on a side table.

Who thought that a simple inexpensive glass vase could be upcycled into such beauty. Courtney decided to wrap them with some burlap and tie around a simple ribbon with a gorgeous bow on each. This is what I mean when talking about finding the right piece to finish a vignette.

Just measure the height of your vase, or if you have multiple size vases, measure the tallest one and that's the amount of fabric you need.

Talk about simple to gorgeous. It's like setting your dining table with simple white dinnerware from Dollar Tree and adorning each plate with a piece of pine with a ribbon tied around it - gorgeous.

Yes...I absolutely had something in mind when I mentioned a magnet board above. This is one of those things with an open canvas. You can do anything with a simple tin tray. Use decorative wallpaper or scrapbook paper. Or use contact paper with cool things like faux wood.

This is one of my favorite repurposing projects. To think that you can take something that would otherwise get loaded with all sorts of burnt matter on it from all the cookies you bake and pizza slices that your reheating into this beautiful piece of wall decor.

Oh my gosh, how brillant of an idea is this. This is another of my blogger friends Edith & Evelyn Vintage that came up with this and how French Country is this with repurposing these sheep.

You could do this with any size vase and it doesn't necessarily need to be a glass one. You could do this with a milk glass vase if you chose to.

It's thinking outside the box when shopping at the Dollar Tree. Even shop the toy isle. Look at the gorgeous flower vase made with using sheep as the base.

One little essential I just had to share with you. We've been talking a lot about tier stands lately. I just did a blog on decorating one for Christmas. It you don't have one, this is a simple way of making one by repurposing simple glass plates. All you need are a few plates from the Dollar Tree in different sizes and two glass candle holders and some glass glue. That's it.

Now if you decide to want to paint this, turn upside down first so you don't get paint where you'll be putting food.

A gorgeous piece that you've repurposed and could just have out on your kitchen counter as a decorative piece with a Christmas message. Pickup a metal serving tray at the Dollar Tree with a small can of chalkboard paint at Home Depot and very carefully paint the inside of the tray. That's it.

This is a little bit of a time consuming project and can wait till after Christmas. All of these frames are from the Dollar Tree and are filled with various scrapbook papers.

Think about a wall that you might want to do gallery wall art on. Then spend some time finding the perfect French Country scrapbook paper. Buy a bunch of frames and you know what to do from there.

Another brilliant idea from my friend Courtney. She's repurposed used a wreath as a charger for each table setting and the silverware and twine is also from the Dollar Store.

We've been talking a lot about topiary's and kissing balls lately. Look at how gorgeous these are using real moss. So simple to make that I'm not even going to write a blog. Buy your styrofoam balls, moss, bottle of white glue and paint brushes from the Dollar Tree. Simply hold one of your balls in one hand and paint glue all over it with the other hand. Then place some of the moss on top. Do the same on the other side. Hold the moss in place with a few elastics until it dries. After your balls covered - you can go back over it to add more moss if you'd like.

How awesome is being able to buy vintage style bottles at the Dollar Tree. These have been painted white and distressed over the lettering.

Imagine these lined up like this on a window sill with a simple sprig of pine or a single bloom - maybe a gorgeous pink rose.

I hope you enjoy all of these gorgeous French Country projects that you can simply do for your own home. Happy frugal shopping to all of you.

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