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Sending You a Beautiful



Sending You a Beautiful Easter

With lots of hopping around!

We're Thinking Pink...

Pink is one of the staple colors for Easter. It balances the pale blues and greens that are also prominent during this time of year. Add lot's of pink everywhere throughout your home, then sprinkle in pale blues and greens.

Easter Home Decor

DIY Project

I just love these vintage post cards on these wooden blocks.

DIY Projects

One of my favorite things about Easter are beautiful cement busts and rabbits.

Either silk or real, flowers in a basket is always a welcome addition to your home on your dining table.

All pastel colors are enjoyed this time of year - including even purple.

DIY Projects

Creating a new variety of Easter Eggs is always a wonderful thing to do each year.

I love antique tableware all the time, but this time of year - finding pastel pieces is always a treat.

DIY Project

Having just a couple accent pillows for the holiday is always a welcome addition to your living room.

As always, you can visit our Easter DIY Projects article to learn how to do any of these DIY Projects.

How incredible does this cake look? The thick cream layers, the gorgeous color of it with the speckles. Then the little eggs to top it off.

Is this little guy not the cutest you've ever seen? Love it! I was thinking of planting some grass to have him peaking into it.

Handmade Image Transfers for Easter. I loved creating these and especially love the fact that these can be very easily transferred to an otherwise plain white plate.

I'm thinking of adding a few small plates to different Easter vignettes around my home.

DIY Gift Tags and Cards

I fell in love with these pastel images and just had to share them with you.

You can either making beautiful Easter cards to send to all your loved one's, or make gift tags to attach to Easter baskets, or plants you may be bringing over to a loved one.

This arrangement is absolutely gorgeous. Look at all the different textures with the berries, greenery and autumn leaves added.

Learn about creating your own gorgeous arrangement at my Easter DIY Projects article.

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