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Simple Elegant Autumn Table

November 7, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Holidays,Home and Garden

Hello Friends! We're talking about something that I'm sure your going to find absolutely devine this time of year.

Simple Elegant Autumn Table

There's just something about having a beautiful table decorated in such a way that all you need to do is add your dinnerware when it's time to eat.

A lot of people enjoy going on a buying spree to create a beautiful table and that's OK. However for many of us, we enjoy a much simpler way of adding decor to our tables. When I say a simpler way - I mean using what nature has brought to us and making things that we can treasure for many, many years. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE IN SIMPLE ELEGANCE!

Although I love sharing photos of my own home, sometimes I need to revert to photos that I've seen and love - so much so that I share them with you here.

Here's mix of store bought and what nature has for us.

This is an elegant table setting because of the colors they've used. The gorgeous blue pumpkins with the vibrant orange and yellow florals.

Aside from the beautiful antique glassware, you can create this rather simply in buying a few pumpkins and if you can't find blue pumpkins, than you could certainly paint your orange one's. The magnificent beauty with real pumpkins is all their imperfections - the bumps and ridges that can only be found in them.

Use simple white dinnerware with fresh florals in Mason jars. You can also create candle holders with the Mason jars by simply pouring white sand that can be found at the Dollar tree, then placing taper candles within them. If you'd like to buy a white lantern and a few white wood candle holders - that's fine too.

This elegant table setting is predominately store bought with the large cake stands, lanterns, brass candle holders and silk faux flowers.

You could recreate this with thrift store finds and a few Dollar Tree purchases.

Your thrift store finds would be in the brass candle holders and large cake stands, as well as the Mason jars. The lanterns would be a hit or miss at the thrift store.

Your Dollar Store finds would be with the small glass votive holders and taper candles.

Then it's a matter of getting different size pumpkins and gourds to fit in amongst all this decor.

This elegant table setting appears to have been created with store bought items.

However it is possible to find Blue and White Chinoiserie at your local thrift store. You can find the glass candle holders at the Dollar Tree - just two size glass candle holders and a bag of tiny pebbles. You might even find these adorable little turkeys there as well. The lanterns are something that you could find on clearance at some of your favorite stores.

This is a beautiful elegant table setting with the simple white dinnerware and white pumpkins.

Then all you'd need is some fresh floral placed in simple glass containers that you can buy at the Dollar Tree. So for not a lot of money, you could recreate this elegant table setting with your dinnerware, glass vessels for your flowers and candles, and small pumpkins bought at the Dollar Tree. Then the only thing you'll need to do is paint your pumpkins white and create the small vessels with fresh flowers.

Isn't this gorgeous? A tier of 3 different size pumpkins in gorgeous muted colors.

This is rather simple. Just buy 3 different size real pumpkins and if you can't find these gorgeous colors, just paint them. Go out to your back yard and cut some fresh branches with leaves and find some pine cones as well. Then you could pop into the Dollar Tree for some small pumpkins that you can paint white for each table setting.

Yet another gorgeous elegant table setting!

I just love the look of pumpkins being staged at different heights. These are certainly store bought pumpkins, but you could recreate this with a few medium size real pumpkins that you could paint, as well as a few Dollar Tree small pumpkins that you could also paint. The candle holders are something that you could also buy at the Dollar Tree and just spray paint them in silver.

Rather than the beautiful wood twine orbs, you could just use fresh pine cones!

Another muted color elegant table setting using real pumpkins, pine cones, hydrangeas and fresh greenery.

Simple white dinnerware is also used with just a single pine cone and sprig of fresh greenery wrapped inside each napkin.

With this table setting, I wouldn't worry about trying to find a wood tray to place all of natures finds on. You could just simple place them in the center of the table. Just place your pumpkins similar to these and add a few pine cones and sprigs of hydrangeas to the top with fresh pine tossed into the sides.

What I like about this table setting is the chalkboard platters at each place setting.

Although they've used decorative plates here, you could use simple white dinnerware instead - in fact, I think these would look better against the black chalkboard platters.

The chalkboard platters can easily be made by purchasing wood platters at your favorite craft store and simply spray painting them in a matte black. Then write what you'd like on each one with a gold metallic pen.

This table setting is the best Simple Elegant Autumn Table that I've seen here.

You can't get any simpler than this. White dinnerware, simple cream napkins - silverware and a pencil! A few colored real pumpkins in the center and printing out "I am thankful for..." placemats for each setting.

I absolutely love this table setting!

Unless your a logger, these chunks of a tree is something you'd definitely need to purchase at your local craft store!

Than you could simply buy these glass vessels at the Dollar Tree and fill them with white tiny pebbles and votive candles. You could also pick up some candle holders and small pumpkins.

Leave the candle holders as they are - simply glass and paint a few of the pumpkins in brown. Place a few pumpkins on the candle holders. Leave a few pumpkins orange and paint a few others white.

Go on a nature walk to find some pine cones for each table setting on your simple white dinnerware.

Here's another truly Simple Elegant Autumn Table!

Just purchase a few glass candle holders from the Dollar Tree and spray paint silver. Also pick up a few taper candles and one silver tray.

Using your hot glue, simply glue the silver tray to one of your candle holders. Granted doing this will give you a table setting all at the same height, maybe you could find things around your home to perch the candle holders on to elevate them.

This elegant table setting is going to take a little more effort. There's a lot going on here.

Start with buying a simple white table cloth with a roll of burlap ribbon. Lay your table cloth down with a strip of burlap going each way on the table. Purchase the white dinnerware, wine glasses and gold chargers at the Dollar Tree. Go out to find some fresh pine and curly branches to create your silverware at each place setting.

Just take your silverware, place a sprig of pine and wrap with a piece of one of your curly branches.

Visit my Making Your Own Cloth Napkins with Free Thanksgiving Day Printables tutorial here to see how you can make your own napkins like these. Just rather than using one of my Thanksgiving Day printable, you'll use one of these feathers. Just print and use.

I know what your thinking here - a lot of money to be spent on these wood candle holders!

Do you really need for them to be wood? Do you really want to spend that money when you can buy one's at the Dollar Tree and paint them white? This is all you need to do. Then paint a few real pumpkins white as well. Finalize this beautiful table setting with fresh pine tossed in and around your new beautiful candle holders and pumpkins!

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