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Simple Thanksgiving Table Decor

November 12, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Styles and Decor

Aside from adding beautiful orange pumpkins and white berry garland, you can purchase similar tableware and glassware from the Dollar Tree.

To recreate this beautiful table setting, purchase a couple yards of burlap, real small pumpkins and white berry garland.

  1. Cut your piece of burlap in half length-wise. Place down the center of your table and iron. 
  2. Stager your pumpkins like seen here.
  3. Then scroll your piece of white berry garland in between them.

Simply pick up some leaves from your yard and using a white Sharpie pen, scroll whatever letter you'd like.

Now place tea lights inside the glass candle holders!

The talk of this story is really about the use of craft paper for the table runner!

She's used different sorts of white tableware, but you could purchase the same plates at the Dollar Tree.

And look at this bunch of leaves and berries from her backyard. You could do this - just grab branches with leaves on them and look around your yard for any clippings that you'd like in your arrangement.

Because Thanksgiving is a week away, we're going to use a gold paint pen to decorate our glassware. If you have pine cones in your backyard, feel free to paint some of those as well. (I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible!)

To paint your glassware...

Just simply paint rings around them. Just measure down the sides of each glass, make a mark on four sides - then draw the rings. If your going to make several rings, I would measure down for each ring - then draw them all.

Brown Paper Runner from Lowe’s: Lowe’s has 12-inch-wide craft paper rolls for about $3.

The Dollar Store also has brown rolls of paper. I'm not sure how much is on each roll and it's much wider than 12".

Place a sprig of whatever you have in your yard.

I do love getting ready though, so I was thrilled when I visited the Dollar Tree and found some amazing items to use for our table.

Besides the glass vases we used to make these cute Fall centerpieces – I picked up crisp white dishes, pretty goblets and these darling glass mugs.

I love that you can also order a set of four white plates for only $4 at (Choose from a few super cute varieties, like a beaded pattern, and one with a gold rim.)

I found nearly everything I needed for extra company, at just $1 per piece!

Again, we're using craft paper for the table runner.

Although it wasn't mentioned in her blog - For the white craft paper table runner, you can buy rolls of white plain paper at the Dollar Store. You can also buy rolls of brown craft paper there as well.

Although it wasn't mentioned in her blog - To make these centerpieces, you can pick up glass vases very similar to these. Take a look to see if they have artificial wheat like these.

I have another beautiful table to share with you and I'm thinking that most of the things can be purchased at the Dollar Store.

  • Silverware
  • Ribbon
  • White tableware
  • Gift tags
  • Styrofoam small pumpkins for each table setting
  • Jute
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Lined cardboard cards
  • Hole punch

How simply beautiful is this?

So simple. A little sprig of what you have in your yard with a super simple setting tag.

Simply paint each pumpkin for each table setting.

Do you have any drop cloth fabric left from all the projects we've been doing? If so, cut pieces the size of napkins and roll them up with the silverware inside. Place a cinnamon stick and sprig of pine, wrapped with a long piece of jute.

These are using the backs of your lined cardboard cards. Simply punch two holes on one side and place a spring of pine.

I sincerely hope that your inspired by these ideas. And just think - you won't be spending a ton of money this Thanksgiving!

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