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Simply Red

February 11, 2002

· Home and Garden

Simply Red

How do you feel about the color RED? Is it too vibrant for you, or do you love it? Would you like to see just pops of RED throughout your home, or maybe an entire wall painted in a gorgeous shade?

If RED has ever been a color that you've enjoyed wearing, or living with - than maybe you'd like to try painting your front door. This is what everyone in the neighborhood sees and what your friends and family see first when visiting.

Then what do you do in the foyer, upon entering your home?

Maybe a beautiful RED lamp on a buffet or side table? Or an accent pillow on a chair or bench?

Using a RED rug of sorts from the foyer into an adjoining space is always welcomed when adding splashes of color.

Then when you venture into your home, probably into the living room - or kitchen....

Table lamps and accent pillows are the easiest to bring in pops of color.

Use lot's of different style pillows to create interest in your living room. And for even more pop of color, consider adding a beautiful warm and cozy blanket to the mix.

And the more RED the better!

An accent chair will certainly do the trick of infusing even more RED into a space and one with tufted buttons and a curved back and arms will only add more interest.

Ahh....your kitchen.

If you're looking for new appliances, certainly red ones would fit the bill for adding RED to this space. Or maybe you'd just like RED cabinets to warm the space.

If you have a eat in area in the kitchen, or just off of the kitchen - consider painting just one wall as a way of carrying in the color RED. This may be all that you need.

However a beautiful centerpiece with red flowers is a welcome addition, especially when having friends and family over for dinner.

RED in your bedroom? Who would have thought?

Yes, despite RED being a rather bold color - you can have it in your bedroom. For an intentional pop of color, consider painting the wall your bed sits on. This will bring in the color, but it's not something you wake up seeing first thing in the morning.

Or use it just on your bedding for a cozy feel. All white sheets with beautiful RED pillow shams and a cozy blanket at the footboard may be all you need.

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