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Spooktacularly Elegant DIY Halloween

October 17, 2019

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We have to admit that Halloween doesn't need to be bloody and gory - right? Absolutely not! In fact we can eliminate this completely. Wouldn't you love a home decorated for Halloween in a soft sort of way?

Like this for example. Beautiful white walls with the Halloween decor just popping against them. Now I'm not telling you to go and paint your walls. However this goes to show how decor can really pop and make it's presence against light walls,

You could do this! Pick up a few thrift store frames and paint them black. Buy a few pumpkins at the Dollar Tree and paint them white with a few squiggly black lines to look like webs. You can also pickup skulls at the Dollar Tree because I was just there today. Oh and while your at the thrift store, look for glass cake toppers with plates that fit underneath and you have cloches that you can perch different Halloween decor under. Grab some spooky black fish net at the Dollar Tree and you have a gorgeous vignette in your home.

So simple. Just find yourself a large chunky branch and place into some sort of container or vase. First, paint your branch white. Then to anchor it, hot glue floral foam first in your container or vase and allow to dry really well. Add as much hot glue as your going to need to hold the branch up. Stick your branch into it. Further secure it with some black rocks or pebbles that you can get at the Dollar Tree. Then perch your little crows (that you can buy at the Dollar Tree) on the branches.

Another super easy project. Look for somewhat spooky artwork at your favorite thrift store, as well as a bunch of different bottles. Paint the bottles black and secure a somewhat spooky tag to them. Notice the spider, you might be able to get these at the Dollar Tree.

Here's an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of labels you can print and cut out.

How adorable are these blocks that look so vintage?

Materials you'll need:

Upholstery Tacks (I found mine at Home Depot) and hammer

Wood 2×4, 2×6, 2×10 (TRICK-size 9″ across x9 1/4″ tall, OR size 3 1/2″ across x about 3 1/4″ tall, TREAT size 5 3/4″ across by about 5 1/2″ tall)

Fine Grit Sand Paper

Printable (get it HERE and HERE). It includes the dictionary pages AND wording.

Mod Podge

Distress Ink

Flourish Stamp and black ink pad (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)

Black Craft Paint

  1. Grab your wood pieces and sand them well.
  2. Paint your blocks. Let dry completely.
  3. Using your sandpaper, rough up the edges of the block a little to give them an antique look.
  4. Print your dictionary pages.
  5. Carefully measure your word pages against the block and cut them so the words will be centered on the blocks and you’ll have a little space around the edges to see the paint border. Cut to size.
  6. Mod Podge your dictionary pages over the blocks, being careful not to use too much and to smooth it down well to avoid bubbling.
  7. After the Mod Podge has dried completely, distress your pages a little with the distress ink and stamp your flourishes on the corners, or wherever you’d like.
  8. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge over the entire tops of your block.  I chose not to do this, but it’ll help seal everything together a little better if you do.
  9. Using a hammer, pound your upholstery tacks into the corners of your blocks.  This takes some strength and can get a little tricky if you’re having to put them into a knotty place on the block, but don’t give up!

I just love all of these ideas! Don't you agree? There's nothing bloody about these ideas.

Materials you'll need:

Cut out all the shapes, inside the black line. You will now have a clear image for your crystal ball.

This is an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet

Since crystal ball’s tend to be a bit cloudy, we’re going to add some smoke to ours to make them creepier, and to hide the transparency a bit.

I have some safety tips for you – seeing as you are going to be playing with glass and fire.

  1. This is not a kids craft. (fire + glass + kiddos = not awesome)
  2. Use a candle, not a lighter or other open flame. Candles smoke more and won’t get quite as hot as a lighter.
  3. Light a candle and hold the opening of the ball just over the top of the flame. You’ll start to see the flame smoke and fill the ball.
  4. This will get hot. Add a little smoke, take a break and let the ball cool off, then add a little more.
  5. Don’t touch the bottom edge of the opening to see if it’s hot. Trust me. It is. (not that I would have experience with that or anything.)
  6. Do not hold me liable for anything that happens to you, your house, or your cats while you are playing with fire. K?

Fill your ball with smoke until it is as dark as you’d like. Here’s a regular ball, and one that I’ve smokified.

Once your crystal ball is completely cool, roll up your transparency image tight enough to slip inside the ball. Do your best not to touch the inside of the opening, it’s full of black stuff. If it does though, it’s not a tragedy. It will just add to the creepiness of the images.

To get the image to stand up straight and look right, add a tiny bead of hot glue to the inside of the front of the ball opening. Press the tab on the transparency that is in the opening onto the glue bead.

Now you can add your crystal balls to your candlesticks! If you have children, pets or husbands that are likely to bump, pick up or mess with these, I highly recommend gluing them into the candlesticks.

I create a lot of things, but don't think of everything. This is why I share these things with you when I see them. This girl is extremely creative.

Wow - how beautiful is this vignette?

Crows, white pumpkins, black feather boas, a few books and frames - frames are what really makes this. It creates the background for this entire vignette.

Again, we're talking your favorite thrift store and the Dollar Tree. Super inexpensive, but looks like a million dollars.

I hope that I've brought a lot of ideas for you in decorating your home this year. Just take out your Halloween decor and get creative with it.

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