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Spooky Halloween Crows

10/7/2019 By Taina Laraba

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I just love this craft today. I've always loved crows for halloween, but these are an exception to this.

Who ever said that our little crows have to be spooky?

I'd much rather make some French Country Crows for this halloween.

Materials you'll need:

1. Black Crows

2. Glitter

3. A needle and thread

4. Coffee Filters, crepe paper or other stiff medium to make your collars

6. Embellishments

How to make the ruffles...

Double Folded Ruffles

  1. Start by cutting out the center of the filter (these are the unbleached kind) leaving just the crimped edge.
  2. Take your black crepe paper and cut a strip the same length as your coffee filter.
  3. Thread the needle with a double loop of thread and knot.
  4. Start at one end and sew a basic straight stitch down one of the sides of the filter and crepe paper edges. The smaller and closer the stitch, the tighter the ruffle will end up.
  5. Gently pull the thread, sliding the filter and crepe paper down the thread to the knot, as tight as possible. The largest crow took 3 1/2 filters to make it around his neck. Fold the filter in half at the seam and crease firmly (use your fingernail, a bone folder or a spoon back to help get a nice crease. Trim the edge of the ruffle if it’s too long.
  6. Place the ruffle on the crow and tie the thread or use a dot of hot glue to secure the ruffle.

Crepe Paper Ruffles

Basic party crepe paper makes a fantastic ruffled collar and doubles as fringe for a witchy party hat. Book paper, pre folded into tight pleats and then sewed makes a double layer.

Take your crepe paper and wrap around the crows neck. Triple this amount and cut.

  1. Using the same method as above, start with a threaded needle and a basic straight, running stitch.
  2. Pull the crepe paper along the thread to start the ruffle.
  3. The crepe paper will start to curl into a circle shape.
  4. Continue to pull the thread and push the crepe paper together until the entire length is bunched tightly.
  5. Measure the length to be certain it will fit around the crow  
  6. Tie the thread together closing the circle. Slip the collar off and trim it to the length you’d like.

Making a double ruffle with a bit of glitter

Simply sew the two pieces of crepe paper (or coffee filter) together like we've done above.

When the collars are the right length and trimmed to fit, embellish them with rhinestones, sequins, or other Halloween tidbits. Glittering the collars is easiest with a two plate “dip” system. Spread some glitter on one plate and glue on another. Dip the edge of the collar into the glue and then into the glitter, tapping off the excess before moving to the next section.

The hats can be made by simply folding a small piece of paper into a cone, then gluing onto their heads.

Now go ahead and place your crows around your home, some on objects to give them height.

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