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St. Patrick's Day Wreath

March 7, 2020 By Taina Laraba

· Home and Garden

We've worked on several wreaths these past several months and I hope they were simple enough for you to make.

This beautiful one is being sold by an Etsy seller.

I love her choice of materials - grapevine wreath, greenery and linen looking ribbon for bows.

Let's get started....


  • grapevine wreath (Dollar Tree)
  • leafy greenery (Dollar Tree)
  • several spools of ribbon - solid green (linen looking), St. Patrick's ribbon, white and black check. All wired. (Hobby Lobby)
  • small wooden St. Patrick's Day sign (Dollar Tree)

Step 1. Take your greenery and grapevine wreath. Lay the greenery on the wreath like seen in the above photo. Tuck into the grapevine and gently hot glue in place.

Step 2. Make your bows.

Take your bigger ribbon and loop it around 3 times (so you have 3 loops on each side). Continue doing this till you've used all of your ribbon.

Take your thinner ribbon and do the same thing but with one less loop. Make it about an inch shorter than the base.

You should now have a base and a top layer. Stack them on top of each other.

NOTE: The base is always your thickest ribbon with the most number of loops and the top layer is always the thinnest ribbon with 2 loops.

Find the center of your ribbon and place a piece of twine/jute around it. Secure the twine in the back.

Now the fun part. Take your bow and begin pulling out each loop. You'll notice them getting fuller. Because the ribbon is wired, you can really play around with it.

You should have one side of your bow with a tail. To make a tail on the other side, find the loop on the bottom and cut. Pull down the good side facing you. Cut off the other piece in the back close to the wreath.

Hot glue your bow to the wreath like shown above.

Get your small St. Patrick's Day sign and hot glue that as well to the wreath.

And now your finished!

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