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Thanksgiving Centerpiece DIY

November 10, 2019

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Before we begin this project, did you make a few Linen Fabric Pumpkins from yesterday's post? These are really the topping for this project.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece DIY

With Thanksgiving right around the corner (2 weeks! Eeek!) it’s time to finalize your Thanksgiving table centerpiece, right?! We have some super awesome clients that have asked us to create a centerpiece using our bestselling Oatmeal Linen Pumpkins that is easy and impactful. This centerpiece took me all of 5 minutes to create and is showstopping, don’tcha think? Let’s take a closer look.

Materials we'll need:

  1. Dough Bowl (from Hobby Lobby)
  2. Mini Oatmeal Linen Pumpkins
  3. Cotton Stems
  4. Various Fall Stems (from Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby)
  5. Floral Foam (from the Dollar Store) cut to various heights
  6. Eucalyptus (from Dollar Store)
  7. Gather some acorns and pinecones

Of course, because we create them, the stars of this show are our Linen Pumpkins placed on floral foam to create variation in height. You can see this in the image below – where I also began to add leaves underneath the pumpkins that weren’t entirely on the foam “risers”.

I then took the various floral stems and kind of pulled them apart so that I would have loads more. You can unravel the floral tape that binds them together to make this easier and if you have wire in there, just bend and cut it.

I used the pinecones to fill in the larger gaps between the pumpkins and then just filled in the holes with the acorns and more pine cones. And finally topped it off with cotton stems.

I hope you enjoyed making this beautiful centerpiece for your dining table and also hope that it brings much conversation on Thanksgiving.

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