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Thanksgiving Thankful Tree

November 13, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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Today I'm so happy to share how to make a Thanksgiving Thankful Tree with all of you. Only takes a few materials and is pretty simple to make.

This is certainly something that I'll be adding to my decor this year because I have so many things to be THANKFUL for, including all of my friends here!

We'll be showing you how to make a couple different one.

Project 1

This is so simple, yet so beautiful to have anywhere in your home - on a side table, your kitchen counter or kitchen island.

Let's get crafting! Materials we'll need:

Step 1. Select branches for your project. They can be any size, color, or texture you desire. Bundle the branches, and trim if necessary.

Keep adding branches as desired. I added in stages, and wrapped the branches I added onto the main (center) branch using tape.


The tape will not show in the finished product.

Once the branches are secure – trim the bottom of the bundle so it is even.

Then mix up your casting plaster (sometimes called plaster of Paris) as directed by the manufacturer. We are using plaster for this project, because once it hardens, it is fairly heavy, and will prevent the tree from tipping over once decorated.

When the plaster has a smooth consistency, carefully add the plaster to the paper mache box.

Now you will add your branch bundle.

When you have your branch bundle centered, you will need to secure it so it will stay in position while the plaster cures.

Get creative with what you have on hand! Just make sure the branches stay put until the plaster is completely hardened.

Now you will want to cover up the base of the thankful tree.

Using a hot glue gun, add green moss to the base.

Figure out where you would like the “front” of the thankful tree to be.


Then add a neutral bow to the base of the tree where the front is.

Now your basic home decor tree is essentially finished, and should look something like this:

A blank canvas ready for you to “cute” up.


I am thinking decorated eggs for Easter, some fun flowers and butterflies for Spring and Summer, maybe some snowflakes for Winter?


Today, we are going to decorate for Thanksgiving, and make our tree into a Thankful tree. Plus, I will show you the secret to simply and easily switching out the tree decor using mini clothespins.

No gluing anything. Mini clothespins add charm, and seasonal accents are easily removable.

I added silk fall leaves and photos of my kids.

I also had each of my kids fill out a tag with things they were thankful for- those got added to the tree too. With mini clothespins!

To finish my thankful tree- I added a label and sticker to the front of the paper mache box.

This will be switched out for different themes as well.

When the Thanksgiving is over, the tree will be stripped clean, and ready for another theme.

Pottery Barn Inspired Thankful Tree

Step 1. To begin, I took a walk in the woods behind our house to gather some twigs.

Materials we'll need:

Step 1. First, put the branches in your jar or other container. You may need to trim some of the lower branches.

Step 2. Use fall-colored cardstock and trace around the leaf templates. After cutting the leaves out, we wrote things we were thankful for on each leaf. Here are a few leaves that I've download for you to use. Just copy and print.

Step 3. Then we simply punched a hole at the top or side of each leaf and tied them to the tree branches.

Our pottery barn inspired thankful tree sits on a dresser right by the dining room table.

I just loved these projects. I think I'm going to create the easiest one - Pottery Barn Inspired Thankful Tree.

Either of these trees could be something that you have for year round use. Think how beautiful it would look with snowflakes on it for winter and for Christmas, you could hang a few small ornaments.

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