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The Beauty Behind Green

February 15, 2002 By Taina Laraba

· Home and Garden

The Beauty Behind Green

Green is the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, associated with meanings of growth, harmony and freshness.

There's something so refreshing in the month of March. Maybe it's because we celebrate St. Patrick's Day that is loaded with lots of GREEN.

The instant thing I think about when someone mentions GREEN is refinishing a piece of furniture. Maybe this is the furthest thing from your mind, but something to certainly consider.

GREEN is a color that can marry any other color in the spectrum. So introducing it into your home is refreshing, no matter where you choose to bring it in.


Adding a beautiful 3-leaf clover plant would be welcomed into your living room or kitchen, a room with plenty of light.

And I just so happened to find these adorable plants at Walmart for $5.00 - 4" pot.

Using free St. Patrick's Day printables is a great way of creating super inexpensive artwork for the holiday.


Green is a wonderful color to use in your bedroom.

Whether if it's painting your walls green, or having a green upholstered headboard, large green area rug, or green throw blankets - it's perfect.

If an upholstered headboard is a little too much for you, than how about a beautiful green bed skirt?

After you have the shade of green that you'd like to use, look at other colors to use with it. Using all green will create a serene environment, where adding a different color will create a space with interest.


Certainly the hub of your home should embellish this beautiful color as well. Maybe you'd like to use different shades of green in each space. Certainly a dark forest green is perfect for kitchen cabinets and with green, gold is a definite metal that should be used in lighting.

To prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed by the green your adding to your home, consider using lots of white and natural tones.

Just a Splash of Green

Color blocking a wall is another perfect way of adding green to a space. You can do this like seen here, or painting just one wall in a room.

Living Room

A velvet green sofa would be all you'd need in your living room and think of how luxurious it would be. Again using gold lamps and side tables.


What would March be without some toasty outerwear? It's still considered winter you know.


Make lot's of "GREEN" desserts to have when watching TV. Don't forget about the warm and cozy blankets and cuddling with your hubby.

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