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The Beauty of Fall

September 27, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Holidays,Home and Garden

I'm going to grace you with the beauty of fall captured here in the outdoors and every room of your French Country home.

Your Dining Room

The collection of old cutting boards is my favorite part of this dining room and something that you can do as well in your dining room. Simply visit your favorite thrift store and start a collection of them. I love the simplicity of a silk fall blossoming branch in a large glass jar.

I especially love the simplicity here with the white dinner plates, painted pumpkins, chicken wire wrapped tea lights and fresh fall leaves cascading on the table.

A floral arrangement with pastels and autumn colors is perfectly balanced. Adding natural chargers to your place settings is a simple way of softening everything on your dining table.

Your Breakfast Table

I especially love the simplicity here with the white dinner plates, painted pumpkins, chicken wire wrapped tea lights and fresh fall leaves cascading on the table.

Your Foyer

Again, I love the collection of antique amber bottles. Despite them being just old bottles, they really make a statement on the gorgeous ledge they sit on here in the entry. The large antique cheese boxes work perfectly with this collection and the white pillows, throw blanket and small white pumpkins soften all of the dark autumn colors.

Your Outdoors

I love this porch swing. These are actually not that difficult to build. I was going to build one from an old crib that I had. There's a ton of tutorials on Pinterest for building these. All of the white on the swing really comes alive with all of the orange surrounding it.

These are super simple to make for your front porch simply by purchasing Mums, Pansies and Kale with pumpkins. Just use what you have for containers and plant your new fall florals. Depending on the size of our containers, maybe you can add a few small pumpkins with the larger one's simply placed next to each of your containers.

Another gorgeous front entry that you could simply put together. Just two large potted Mums left in their original plastic pots. Bushels of corn husks. Large pumpkins with a few painted white. And this is it, very simple.

Now I would never tell you to go out and buy a chair for your front porch, but you might just get lucky in finding one at a thrift store. A bunch of pumpkins with some corn husks and a container of Mum's is all that's needed here.

One of the things I love most about finding gorgeous photos like this that inspire me, is breaking it down into very simple things that I can do for my home. Just a couple corn husks, a ton of pumpkins painted white, a few hay bales and a few Mum's is really all that's happening on this front porch. You could also add some kale to the mixture if you'd like and the wreath, wow...I love this and looking at it, just think of how easy it would be to make. A straw wreath form, a bunch of white painted Dollar Tree pumpkins and dry grass from your backyard. Just simply glue the pumpkins on with hot glue, then cut the dry grass into small bunches and hot glue these in between the pumpkins. That's it.

Now this is something I love to do. Sitting out in my backyard at night with candles lit and a small fire going.

Your Living Room

Your Bedroom

A Simple Fall Wreath

How gorgeous is this fall wreath. There's certainly a lot going on with it seen in the hydrangeas, apples, red berries and some natural leaves tossed in. All of this would simply get wired to a wreath frame of your choosing.

We're going to continue making lot's of fall decor for your home that your going to love, so keep this in mind when decorating!

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