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The Best Christmas Pillows Tutorials

December 8, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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Happy Sunday my Friends! How much do you love Christmas Pillows? Do you already have some? Is it something you mean to do every year?

Despite not having the time to make any this year, I do certainly love them. And there’s specific ones that I love. Like red cable knit, red duck cotton with white pom-pom fringe and cream duck cotton with a beautiful christmas print.

Decorative pillows just so happen to be one thing that your home shouldn’t be without. I know your thinking that there too expensive to have like the ones I just saw at Hobby Lobby for $50.00 with down fills. Believe it or not, you can have pillows like this for very little money to make.

There's a lot of ways that you can make decorative pillows - with wording - trim and images. But the basics are always the same.

Basic Materials Needed:

  • Material or sweater material
  • Pillow Inserts
  • Hot Glue Gun

Step 1. Either measure your fabric for the size pillow your making, or if you have an existing pillow insert - use that to trace onto your new fabric. Now cut out.

Step 2. Separate your two pieces of fabric. With one of the pieces in front of you, begin running a bead of hot glue down one side - very carefully and spreading out as you go along. Then run your hand over the fabric just glued together to further smooth the seam of hot glue. IT'S VERY IMPORTANT TO SPREAD THE BEAD OF HOT GLUE OUT SO IT DOESN'T FORM A HARD EDGE.

Step 3. Continue doing this on three sides.

Step 4. Place your pillow insert inside, fold in the open side and pin if you have pins - if not, just hold securely with one hand and run a bead of hot glue right on the crease - making sure you spread out the bead. Then close to the other side - running your fingers across it to further smooth out the hot glue.

VOILA - your pillow is finished!

If you have decorative trim that you'd like to add, like pom-pom fringe, then simply do this...

Separate your two pieces of fabric. With one of the pieces in front of you, begin running a bead of hot glue down one side - very carefully and spreading out as you go along. Place your trim over this, running your hand over it to help spread out the hot glue. Then run a bead of hot glue over your trim, place the second piece of fabric over this and smooth with your hand. You'll continue doing this for the other two sides.

If you'd like to use words, a saying or an image, you'll need an additional material called Heat Transfer Paper.

I'm sure this product can be purchased at Hobby Lobby, but this is one I found on Amazon.

Step 1. Before starting the image transfer, clean the fabric with a lint roller. This step is important, because anything on the fabric gets trapped under the transferred image, so you need to have lint-free fabric if you want your end product to look great. When finished with this, you can go ahead and also iron your fabric.

Step 2. Print the image onto the heat transfer paper.

Step 3. Then cut the image into a manageable size.

Step 4. Place the image face side down onto your fabric.

Step 5. Empty the water from your iron, as dry heat is needed for better bonding. Then put your iron on its highest setting and start ironing over the entire image. Make sure to press every inch of the image, sliding the iron first up-and-down then side-to-side. For small images, keep pressing for at least 30 seconds. For big images, press for 2 minutes.

Step 6. After you finish pressing, wait for the iron on transfer paper to cool a little to be able to hold it, then start peeling off the backing paper…

Voila - your finished!

Although washing and ironing instructions are usually given with the Heat Transfer Paper, note that you need to use the same setting as for delicates/wool/hand wash.

Now go ahead and toss your new pillows all over your home!

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