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The Best Contemporary

Christmas Decor

November 9, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Holidays,Home and Garden

Thank you so much for being here today my Friends! Now despite never having decorated in a Contemporary style, I am a designer and I do love beautiful things.

So with this said, I'm going to sprinkle you with some of the Best Contemporary Christmas decor for you home this year.

Now if you've never decorated in a Contemporary style like me, the key to this style is KEEPING IT SIMPLE.

Simple doesn't mean boring!

Simple means very CLEAN decorating from the actual piece of decor, to how you place it. Like see here with these cylinders filled with white faux snow and ornaments. Very CLEAN and beautiful when 3 different sizes are gathered together.

Simply Gorgeous!

Create a look like this for yourself simply with cementing a large branch into a container of your liking. DON'T PANIC hearing the word "cement." You can get premixed cement in a container and add it to your container, with the branch in the middle and secure the branch with twine till it completely dries.

You'll only want to add as much cement as what's needed to cover the bottom of the branch because it will add a lot of weight to the container. Then once dry, add faux snow to the top of it.

The white faux fur on the chairs and benches are so gorgeous and can easily be done with purchasing a couple yards of faux fur.

Beautiful elegant table setting

So simple to create with white tableware and wine glasses from the Dollar Tree. Then cutting a long length of pine and gathering a few pine cones as the centerpiece for the table. The copper candle holders can be made with any taper candle holders by spray painting them copper.

I just love the use of pine branches placed in a simple vase. You can do this by picking up a simple large vase like this and spray painting it black. Make sure you add water if your using real pine branches.

I love how this is simplicity at it's finest, but yet still so beautiful. If you don't have cylinder candle holders, no problem - just create small garland with some winter greenery. If it's faux, curve it into a circular shape and place on the top of your candle holder around the candles. If using real greenery, use craft wire to shape it.

And look how simple this is. Just plunk a pine branch into a base of water.

What about placing a small tree in a basket? So beautiful! Then adding a white fur throw or large piece of fabric makes it even more special.

So beautiful and so simple to make. Imagine this on your coffee table, on your dining table or smaller one's for your side tables.

These are the materials you'll need:

Ornaments and hot glue gun

Just simply hot glue the ornaments together in a free-from configuration like this.

Placing a miniature tree in a container is simple, then adding a few white pom-pom ornaments with a piece of sweater wrapped around the bottom is perfect for your bedroom.

Placing a miniature tree inside a decorative urn like this is another wonderful way of adding a touch of Christmas to an otherwise empty corner.

The absolute key to this style is simplicity. You can use whatever you'd like and what inspires you, but keep it simple. Don't elevate things at different heights, or gather groups together in vignettes - just keep things on the same level using few pieces.

Just a simple white faux fur stocking hung with a bit of snowy greenery - perfect!

And your walls are no different. Add a simple wreath for the season.

To recreate a wreath like this, purchase a large embroidery hoop with some small twine orbs and white berries. Hot glue the white berries and twine orbs to the hoop.

And how much do you love these. An idea taken from the Pottery Barn. However you can make super easily. Just get a few different size wood trees from Hobby Lobby - tape off a line across the trees and paint with black acrylic paint. SUPER EASY.

So what do you think? Some pretty gorgeous decor that I might just add to my French Country home this year for the holiday.

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