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The Best Contemporary

Christmas Ornaments

November 9, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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Today we're looking at Contemporary Ornaments

Now I'm going to be honest with all of you, Contemporary design is something I don't know much about - big surprise when it comes to my love of tattered fabrics and everything rusty.

It took me a little while to come up with all of these gorgeous Contemporary Ornaments that we'll make today and if this is your style, your going to love these!

Marble Ornaments

These I know have been around for quite some time now and maybe you've already made some, but for those of you that haven't - Me and this wonderful girl are going to show you just how easy these are to make.

Marbling is an organic process so just have fun with it!

Remove the cap / top from your ornaments and begin dripping the paint (1 drop at a time) into the bottom of the ornament. You will want to layer the colors a few times to create a "puddle" of color. One you've layered them 3-4 times begin Step 2.

If you are doing other color combinations, adding black is kind of the greatest thing ever. It just adds a contrast that is necessary to the marbling.

Be aware that white takes over. If you are using white, drip a little less of it than all the other colors.

Very slowly swirl the ornament (pretend you're swirling a scotch or wine) until the colors create a marbled effect. Super important: DO NOT SHAKE! When you shake the ornament the colors will eventually run together and you will lose the marbled effect.

The swirling motion comes from the wrist. Don't get too aggressive with the swirling.

When you are dripping the paint, if it happens to get on the side before hitting the "floor" of the ornament don't panic. There is really no wrong way to do this (unless you shake it lol!).

Once the paint has settled (or stopped moving), lay the ornament on the side so the paint doesn't drag. You will want to let it dry for a good 15-20 minutes before repeating this process with more colors.

If you have a heavy hand with the paint and feel like you still have a puddle of paint after a full day of drying, you will want to empty them out by draining the ornament upside down.

There's so many color combinations that you can use. Lean to what your using in your decor for color options.

Contemporary Ornaments Inspired by Ballard Designs

Pear Ornaments

Start with simply purchasing a bunch of pears.

Now tape off the stem and spray paint the pear white, allow to dry.

Then remove the tape and hand paint the stem gold.

Shiny Colored Ornaments

First purchase a couple boxes of clear ornaments, as well as gold, copper, black, silver and white acrylic paint.

Then remove the tops to your ornaments and pour into different one's your gold, copper, black silver and white acrylic paints into the tops.

Completely swirl the paints around to completely cover the inside of the ornaments.

Allow these to completely dry. Then place the caps back on and hang!

White Hob Nail Ornaments

First purchase a couple boxes of clear ornaments, gold acrylic paint and a can of white spray paint

Remove the tops of the ornaments, then using your hot glue gun, take one and begin placing small dots of hot glue around the ornament. If it's easier for you, place dots all around the bottom of the ornament and stand on the top to dry. Then go back and place hot glue dots all around the top and allow to dry.

After you've placed your hot glue dots on the ornaments, take them outside and spray paint them white.

Now take some of your gold acrylic paint, pour into disposable tray of sorts, dip your brush in collecting very little paint - pounce onto a paper towel. Then brush across the raised hot glue dots.

Leopard Ornaments

First purchase a couple boxes of clear ornaments, a can of copper spray paint and bottle of white acrylic paint.

Begin with removing the tops of the ornaments.

Now take them outside to spray paint in copper and allow to dry.

Finish them with hand painting on leopard marks like shown in the photo.

Orb Ornaments

Materials we'll need:

  • Extremely thin dowels
  • Tiny little wood balls
  • Silver and gold spray paint
  • Gold and silver string hangars are necessary too
  • Craft Wire

Step 1. Take the dowels and cut them into 6 1/2" and 4 1/2" pieces.

Step 2. Take approximately 20 of one size and gather.

Step 3. Cut a piece of craft wire and wrap around the center of you cut dowels just enough to keep them together, but not tightly.

Step 4. Begin to spread the dowel out to make an orb.

Step 5. Once you have it the way you like it, place very small amount of hot glue in the center to keep them all together. Just place a drop and spread out really well because we don't want this visible. Allow to sit and dry.

Step 6. Now we can glue on our tiny wood balls to the ends of each dowel. Do this by placing a tiny amount of hot glue on the end of the dowel, then place the wood ball and hold till dry.

Step 7. Once your orbs are made, you can then spray paint them in silver and gold.

Step 8. Now tie on your hangars and hang.

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