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The Best Cottage Christmas Ornaments

November 14, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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A great BIG Happy FRIDAY to you my Friends!

In case you haven't noticed - I'm getting a bit jittery for Christmas and I want everything to be just perfect!

What better way to do this than with beautiful Cottage Christmas Ornaments?

With cottage style, there's two styles within this!

One filled with lot's of whites - creams and pastel colors

The other - more of a farmhouse style with bits of color like red

I'm going to share both of these styles with you today in making gorgeous Cottage Ornaments for Christmas.

Pultz Houses

These are templates that you can print and than cut out. Use an exacto knife for the windows. The paper measures 8 1/2" x 11"

These small little house would also look gorgeous on a table with faux snow around them.

Pastel Ornaments

How beautiful are these? I love the muted pastel colors that would be gorgeous on a green Christmas Tree with lots of flocking.

Just purchase a couple boxes of either clear or white ornaments, white acrylic paint and blue - green and red acrylic paints.

Take a disposable type of tray like the lid of something and squeeze in some white acrylic paint with a touch of either blue, green or red to make a delicious pastel color. Now simply paint the ornaments.

Sweater Ornaments - 2 Ways of Making

If you love recycling like I do, then your going to love making these.

Firstly, I started with a trip to my local thrift store. They happened to be having a 40% off sale on all sweaters that day, so I was able to buy three cream coloured sweaters for just under $14.00. I made sure to choose three sweaters with different knit patterns, in order to slightly vary the ornaments on the tree.

For my ornaments, I used two different methods. I have some blue ornaments that I wasn’t sad to loose, as I’m slowly transitioning from winter blues into neutral white and creams. For the first method, I used a plate (but any circle will do) to trace a circle on the sweater. I then cut it out, and sewed up the top in a simple in & out pattern. I’m sure there must be a technical term for this sewing technique, but I don’t know it. Lol.

Next, I placed the blue ornament inside (you could also use a Styrofoam ball) the little pouch, and sewed up the top using a very thin yarn. Embroidery thread also works well for this step.

The second method I used was very similar, but I used polyester stuffing for the inside. These ornaments are great because they are very light, and can be made into any size you want.

Medallion Ornaments

Shared by with changes made by Tailee's Designs

Materials we'll need:

Wooden appliqués
White acrylic paint
Spray Matte Clear
Sanding block or sandpaper
White or beige Twine or yarn to hang the ornaments

First off, drill an 1/8″ hole in the top of your Christmas ornament. These wooden pieces are delicate, so go slow and don’t get too close to the edge. If you don’t have a drill, find a family member or friend who would be willing to drill these for you.

Stain your ornaments with a dark-colored stain. I like to use this Varathane stain+poly because it just requires water cleanup and has a poly finish built in. Let dry.

Using your white acrylic paint, paint on a few coats. I ended up painting three coats on my ornaments. Let dry.

Once the paint has dried thoroughly, it’s time to add some character. Use a fine sanding block for this step. Start slow and focus on rubbing off small areas of the raised portions of the design. If you sand off too much, you’ll get down to the original light-colored wood, so I recommend a light touch to just remove the layers of white paint.

Now take them outside, on a piece of cardboard and spray them with your clear coat.

Finally, cut 14″ lengths of twine or yarn. Thread the end through the hole in the ornament and tie the ends together in a tight knot. Cut the ends to about 1″ and you’re done!

Hot Air Balloon Ornaments

Materials we'll need:

A few Tools we'll need:

  • Pair of needle nose pliers
  • Pair of wire cutters
  • Gloves
  • Glue gun
  • Sharpie (or perm marker)
  • Drop cloth

Step 1. Cut four 30 inch lengths of wire. Line the 4 pieces up lengthwise and bend in the middle to create a small loop as shown in the photo below.

Step 2. Cut and twist one 2 inch piece of wire around to secure the top loop. Use the needle nose pliers to bend in the end.

Step 3. Separate the 8 pieces of wire evenly and flatten on a table surface. It does not have to be perfect, but try to align the wires in equal segments as shown below.

Step 4. Mark each wire at 1.5 inches from the top loop.

Step 5. Cut a 12-inch piece of wire. This will be the wire that is bent and secured through the center of the ornament. It is a bit tricky and a bit finicky, so I am going to implore you to have to have a bit of patience through this piece.

Step 6. Twist the 12-inch piece of wire around each wire leg at 1.5 inches from the top loop. The easiest way to do this is to twist forward and back with both the wire leg attached to the top loop and with the 12-inch wire that you are looping around.

Step 7. Once your center wire is fastened all the way around, place it on the top of your ornament to make sure the fit is ok.

Step 8. Cut a 5-inch piece of wire and wrap it around the mouth of the ornament. Don’t wind it too tight. We need to create a ring that fits (loosely) over the ornament hole (as shown below in the photo)

Step 9. Once you have the size measured, take a small 2-inch piece of additional wire and wrap it around your ring to secure it as shown in the photo below.

Step 10. Verify the ring will easily fit over the mouth of the ornament but isn’t too tight.

Step 11. Fit the wire mesh that you created in Steps 1-5 and place it over the top of your ornament, making sure to center the top loop.

Step 12. Pull the loose wires together, as shown in the picture below and slip the metal ring over them. The metal ring should rest above the lip of the opening as shown in the photo at Step #8.

Step 13. The wires will need to loop around the ring. This part is a bit finicky, so take your time.

The metal legs only need to wrap around the wire ring once to secure the two metal pieces together, but you will need to secure each of the 8 wire legs around the ring.

Step 14. Slip your plastic ornament out of your wire mesh.

It may require a bit of tugging and bending. Don’t worry, your mesh will go back into shape later, but for now, we need to slip the ornament out of the wire mesh so we can add some sparkle and shine.

Step 15. Spray paint your wire mesh with your gold spray paint. Also, spray paint the small metal ornament mouth cover.

Step 16. Add a good blast of Rustoleum metallic spray paint ( I used pink) into your ornament. Once it is has a small bit of paint, cover the mouth and swish the paint around until it coats the entire inside.

Stand the ornament upright so the paint can drain.

Step 17. Paint your mini terracotta pots (or mini baskets) with Spanish Copper Rub and Buff. Once it is almost dry add a few small dabs of Antique gold to give it a bit of shine.

Step 18. Once your wire mesh and ornament balls are dry it’s time to put it all together.

Slip the wire mesh over the ornament and center and straighten out

I used my needle nose pliers to add a few twists to the wire here and there. This method works very well for areas that may not look tight enough.

Step 19. Add the mini pot to the bottom and straighten the wires so that they are spread evenly in pairs around the terracotta pots.

Once you have the length the way you like, and everything is sitting neatly, give the bottom of the wires a twist to secure and cut off any excess with your wire cutters.

Wow - this was quite the post to write. Didn't know there were so many steps till I started writing it. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to make some of these for my tree this year!!!

We've shared a lot here, take a break - drink you favorite hot beverage.

Wood Ornaments

Written by Tailee's Designs

Have you ever seen these small wood ornament cut outs before at your favorite craft store? There practically a staple for the Christmas holiday.

Materials we'll need:

  • Wood Ornaments. 
  • Miniature wreaths 
  • Paint in any color you choose
  • Paint brushes
  • Sandpaper
  • Hot glue
  • Ribbon/twine
  • Alphabet Stickers that fit the size of your ornament
  • Wood stain - dark color

Step 1. Stain your wood ornaments and allow to dry.

Step 2. Using your stickers, spell out JOY in the center of your ornament. Press them down really well.

Step 2. Paint your ornaments going right over the stickers. Allow to dry.

Step 3. Using a piece of sandpaper, gently go over the edges of each ornament to distress and age them.

Step 4. Place a dab of hot glue on the backs of your wreaths and place over the O.

Step 5. Now place a piece of twine or ribbon to hang.

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