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The Best Farmhouse Christmas Decor

November 28, 2019

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Happy Thanksgiving to you my Friends!

Farmhouse style can be very bare and simple with lots of wood because this is the KEY FEATURE in Farmhouse decorating.

I love how they've used pine cones to decorate the chandelier. You can do this by taking a long piece of twine and hot gluing pine cones to it - creating a garland.

Having a DIY in all of my posts is nothing new...

To make this little beauty, we'll use an embroidery hoop in the size you'd like, Grey and white Buffalo check fabric to cover your hoop, a Merry Christmas stencil, Grey and black acrylic paint, black and white stripe bow and a sprig of pine with pieces of cotton stems and gold leaves.

If you'd like to paint your embroidery hoop to match your fabric like seen here, go ahead and paint it Grey.

Open up your embroidery hoop and place the fabric inside and close. Place your stencil so it's centered, tape it down and using very little black paint - stipple across the stencil.

Then hot glue the bow at the top with your pine sprig, pieces of cotton stems and gold leaves inside and around it.

The complete opposite of Farmhouse Simplicity is a room that's very well layered - this is typical Farmhouse.

You can do this simply by layering your bedding and all the decorative pillows. No room for a lot of pillows, simply by a bench for the foot of your bed. Place miniature trees in baskets and super flock them.

You can simply make your own flocking by mixing white glue with flour and water with a hint of salt. Mix super well and apply to all your trees. It will dry hard, but can easily come off if bumped. SO JUST FLOCK AGAIN.

Place a few pine wreaths in your bedroom windows and your all set for winter.

I absolutely love this sitting room. Notice the antique column sitting in the background! Create this look with two miniature trees, either faux or real super full pine garland and some super large silver ornaments. You can purchase candles just like these from the Dollar Store. I'll leave the lanterns up to you because they can be very expensive.

Another DIY that I'm so happy to share with you.

Step 1. Add sand in your can and then water - making the sand wet - NOT SOAKING WET. This will provide moisture for the fresh cuttings and works really well at holding everything in place, like floral foam.

Step 2. The trick here is to keep stepping back and look at the overall composition, to make sure everything looks natural and balanced. If you can not find branches with pine cones on them, you can glue a few pine cones to some branches.

Step 3. Finish your arrangement by cutting a piece of burlap to go around the can and tie with a piece of rope or twine.

Shared by a dear friend and fellow blogger Liz Marie over at

While you look at these photos of her home, see if you can pick out what's consistent about every room.

In every photo of her home, she has plenty of old things that she's found the perfect home for, making them gorgeous!

And yet, one more DIY!

For this project, you can buy all your materials at Hobby Lobby - round wood disc, Merry Christmas stencil, white acrylic paint, plaid bow, sprig of pine with pine cones and berries.

I know you know how to do this, but I'll recap. Place your stencil in the center and hold down with a bit of scotch tape. Then paint your wood disc and allow to thoroughly dry. Once it's dry, you can go over it with a piece of sandpaper to "distress" it. Finally place your sprig of pine with pine cones and berries at the top and hold in place with a tad of hot glue.

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