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The Best French Country Lighting

August 1, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Home and Garden

I don't know about you, but I love lighting. Just lighting in general. Especially gorgeous lighting and especially AFFORDABLE lighting.

In your bath...

This light is from Wayfair - is brass and only $125.00 for this 3 light.

How gorgeous is this? 3 light gold finish with a ton of crystals from Wayfair $89.00.

I love the simplicity of this chandelier and how it feels so femine. The best of both worlds brass and crystals from Wayfair for $102.00.

I love this petite chandelier from Wayfair for $123.00. It's gold and loaded with crystals.

Any of these light fixtures could go over a 24" wide mirror

Notice how all this brass lighting comes in various shades of brass. This is because these are all painted finishes by different companies.

These beautiful pendant lights aren't only gorgeous over your bath room vanity, but could also be used in your office if it's a small space.

Your Kitchen, Dining Room and Living Room

A very simple 8 light metal chandelier for only $93.0 from Wayfair.

But don't let it fool you. There's so much to be had with a beautifully simple chandelier such as this.

It is black, but opens up an entire color palette to be had on it. Simply paint it white or cream with a slight distressed finish for the optimum French Country feel in your dining room.

You love crystals? Add magnetic one's to this for an even more spectacular French Country feel.

Pack of 10 for $10.00

My new thing is painting crystals to match the finish of the chandelier. Love this look!

I love this beautiful crystal 8 light chandelier with it's white barely distressed finish. Only $150.00 from Wayfair.

Just envision this over your dining room table!

I love the beautiful sweeping arms of this chandelier. For only $118.00, you could simply paint this to coordinate with your dining room decor.

The beautiful thing with metal chandeliers is that they can be painted in 15 minutes!

In your bedroom

This gorgeous 4 light chandelier would be spectacular in your bedroom with any finish - natural wood, white, or cream. Only $120.00 at Wayfair.

Very simple chandelier for $85.00 from Wayfair. Again, this could be painted and our new favorite magnetic crystals could be used.

It's all about keeping our costs low without hindering our need to have gorgeous decor.

The style of hanging a chandelier over a night stand is one that's been around for a while and still bears it's weight when decorating our bedrooms. This adorable one is only 15" in diameter and $80.00 at Wayfair.

Another gorgeous beauty from Wayfair for $85.00.

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