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The Best In Anthropology Finds

March 11, 2002 By Taina Laraba

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I'm so happy that your here with me today my friends. This is something I've personally put together based off of a post I saw on "The Best Anthropologies Hacks. All of these are my own ideas.

First let's take a look at all the glass cylinders that you can buy at the Dollar Tree.

Just look at all this beautiful glass you can buy for just a $1.00.

Here's my first anthropology DIY inspiration for you.

Anthropologies price $14.00 - $22.00.

Ours $3.00 for one piece.

Materials Needed

  • Glass cylinders from Dollar Tree (like seen here)
  • White acrylic paint
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Medium flat brush
  • Piece of fine sand paper

First things first. Paint your glass cylinder in black acrylic paint. As long as you have a good base - it's all you need.

After your black paint has dried, paint your cylinder white. You'll need to do several coats to get a good coverage.

After your white paint has dried completely, you'll do a little sanding. Refer to the photo above.

After you've sanded a little, you'll paint your black droplets. Decide where you'd like to begin, then place your paint brush down and drag down. This will give you something like seen in the photo.

So what do you think? Pretty close to the anthropology cylinders.

OK...on to the next one.

Containers only

Anthropology price $18.00 - $30.00

Our price $5.00

Materials Needed

  • Glass vessel like shown
  • Gold or Copper spray paint
  • Steel wool

First you want to spray paint your glass vessel and allow to thoroughly dry.

Then you want to go over the entire vessel with steel wool.

Anthropologie price $28.00

Our price for 1 is $3.00

This is going to be a really good project to make.

I'll have a chance to show you how to make these beautiful flowers with my own handmade recipe!

Materials Needed

  • Glass cylinder
  • Faux flowers
  • Flour and water
  • Wax paper
  • White acrylic paint

We'll make our flowers first. Take some flour, around 1 cup to make 5 flowers. Then add water to it to get a pancake batter consistency. Stir really good.

Now take your faux flowers and remove the heads of them - place the stems aside for now.

Now dip your faux flowers into the flour and water batter, using your fingers to make sure the entire flower has the batter on it. Place your flowers on a piece of wax paper to dry.

After your flowers are dry, paint them with your white paint. Once dry, place them back onto their stems.

At this point you can either add essential oil or plain water.

These flowers can be used for so many things.

Yet again, another super fun project.

Anthropology prices - $24.00 - $34.00 for one's on left and $48.00 - $68.00 for one's on right

Our price $5.00 for one

Materials Needed

First paint your glass cylinder white - apply several coats to get a good coating.

If you like the one's on the left, pour a slight amount of brown paint onto a disposable lid of sorts and get a glass of water as well. Dip your brush into the brown paint, then the water and snap your bristles back onto the glass cylinder (this will give you speckles).

Now you'll make a ton of little flowers like this from your clay. Make a lot of little clay balls. Then to form your flowers, take a ball - flatten it out - then push down with the tip of a spoon on both sides. Now take your spoon and gently push the centers in a little. You should be able to get yourself in a mode where you start creating tons of these very easily.

When your finished making your ton of flowers, you'll begin attaching them to your glass cylinder. Just look at the above photos for how they attached them.

I hope you had a ton of fun today reinventing some of the beautiful decor from Anthropology.

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