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The Best New Years Eve Party Hats

December 27, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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Today's all about the BEST NEW YEARS PARTY HATS.

Now you may be thinking that a party hat is just a party hat, but not for NEW YEARS EVE. This is the one night of the year where it's OK to go overboard.

No matter what your style is, I'll share them with you here today.

If your super glitzy, you'll love this one...

-party hats
-styrofoam balls (1.5″ diameter)
-Tacky Glue
-glue gun

Step 1: Glue on a sequin to a styrofoam ball using the Tacky Glue.

Step 2: Apply Tacky Glue around the sequin.

Step 3: Apply sequins on top of the glue.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 until the ball is covered in sequins, leaving one small spot uncovered (this will be the attachment point to the hat)

Step 5: Open up the party hat and cut off about two inches from the bottom, following along the curve of the bottom edge. This step turns the party hat into a mini hat, so if you want to keep your hat the regular size, you can skip this step!

Step 6: After cutting off two inches, fold the party hat back together, using tape if necessary to hold the hat together. Save the string to reattach later!

Step 7: Push the ball on top of the hat so that it pierces the ball where there were no sequins applied.

Step 8: Fill the indent on the ball with hot glue and attach the ball back onto the hat while the glue is still hot.

Step 9: Tape the party hat string back onto the inside of the hat.

Another one if your super glitzy...


Party Hats



Step 1. Empty your confetti onto a plate.

Step 2. Brush glue onto hat.

Step 3. Dip in confetti and let dry!

For Men Only...

These are what I imagine a man wearing for New Year's Eve rather than the cutesy cone shape one's.

It's really about finding these party hats and spray painting gold, or grabbing some glitter letters to spell Happy New Year. If you love the gold band around these hats, simply tape off the area and spray paint the hat.

If your planning on making party hats for all your male guests, then this is a bargain on Amazon.

Super Simple Party Hat


  • 12" x 12" Scrapbook paper
  • Elastic cording
  • Metallic pom-poms
  • White glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Step 1. Measure around your forehead and transfer this measurement to the paper.

Step 2. Then from the center of your measurement, draw a line straight up for the height you'd like your party hat to be. Now draw a cone shape similar to the above photo. The two corners at the bottom is the measurement you took of your head, so draw a line down in a curved shape.

Step 3. Score a line along one side of this template. Then fold it in and finish shaping your hat, securing with a bit of tape.

Step 4. Now cut a piece of the elastic cording and tape to each side of your hat.

Step 5. With a small amount of white glue, attach the metallic pom-pom to the top.

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