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The Best New Years Invitations and Creating a Warm Home for the Festivities

December 26, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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This is going to be a long Post and I know your up for it this time of year.

I say this because we're all feeling electrified for New Years Eve to be here.

The first is making sure our homes are warm and inviting, and decorated for New Years

To create an area for drinks, use a side cart such as this, an area on your kitchen counter, your buffet or sideboard, a sideboard behind your sofa. We're just looking for a surface to display a New Years vignette.

Once you've found a spot that will be perfect, we can start to think about how we'll decorate it.

First, find a large tray and large glass container at your local thrift store. Then get a bunch of champagne glasses, black balloons and foam core board from the Dollar Tree. Then purchase your bottles of champagne.

Now to make some of our decor...

  • Black balloons - simply write what you'd like with a gold paint pen. 
  • Signs - paint foam core board with black acrylic paint, then write sayings on them with a gold paint pen and use throughout your home, including here.

To stage your vignette...

  • Place your bottles of champagne and champagne glasses on the large tray. If you'd like, you can paint your tray first in black acrylic paint. Allow to dry and place gold paper doilies across it. Place some party blowers to one side of your tray. On the other side of where your creating this vignette, place a champagne holder with ice, another stack of party blowers and one of the signs you made. Now secure your balloons next to your vignette here.

Now with our home decorated and an area for drinks, we need to invite our guests.

For me, there's no other better option than making my own invitations that I love doing. Here's some that you might enjoy printing, folding in half with a gold sticker to keep closed and addressing each one to send off.

Each of these are 11" x 8 1/2" with two different invitations

I hope that this gives you all the inspiration you need this year in creating the best New Years Eve ever!

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